The New York Times bestselling author checks in to the hotel of readers’ dreams for an ardent romantic adventure that lasts just One Night.

For one night, a couple checks in to an upscale hotel. The pair seem unlikely companions, from opposing strata of society, but their attraction is palpable to all who observe them—or overhear their cries of passion. In the course of twelve hours, con games, erotic interludes, jealousy, violence, and murder swirl around them. Will they part ways in bliss, in sorrow, or in death?

Filled with all the hallmarks of an Eric Jerome Dickey bestseller—erotic situations, edge-of-your-seat twists and turns, and fun, believable relationships—One Night will delight Dickey’s existing fans and lure countless new ones.
Praise for One Night

"Must-read romance . . . A cerebral, sometimes sensual, sometimes suspenseful, and quite a memorable ride." –'s Happy Ever After
"Best-selling author Eric Jerome Dickey's work is known for its erotic situations, edge-of-your-seat twists, and relatable relationships. . . . The writer delivers all that and more in his latest novel. It's likely that after reading this romantic adventure, you'll see the one-night stand in a whole new light." –
"If I wore a hat, I would take it off for Eric Jerome Dickey... Dickey ratchets up the plot in ways that are both risqué and rewarding. He uses the power of dialogue to give us greater shades of a character's motivation." –Essence
"What's special is the dialogue in One Night—the back and forth between Jackie and the man from Orange County, their give and take on what it means to be black in contemporary America, to be rich and poor in contemporary America." –Memphis Flyer
"[With] lyrical use of repetition and dynamic imagery . . . Dickey has taken the anonymous one-night stand into the realm of art." –Publishers Weekly, starred review
"Palpably intense." – Booklist
Praise for Eric Jerome Dickey and his novels:

"There's a cinematic vibe here with James Bond fantastic escapes mixed with Game of Thrones Red Wedding."
— Library Journal on A Wanted Woman

"Another fine performance...Not your typical thriller about a hired killer, but an immensely readable hard to put down tale." 
— Booklist on A Wanted Woman

“Dickey’s fans flock to his readings. . . . He’s perfected an addictive fictional formula.”
The New York Times

“Dickey has a rare ability. . . . Right away the reader is forewarned: You are in for a hard-boiled, fast ride.”
Seattle Post-Intelligencer on An Accidental Affair

“Eric Jerome Dickey brings to life the heartache of betrayal with the skill of a master crafter. . . . Dickey’s imagery, the word choices, the rhythm of the sentences, his ability to create a vibrant, tormented sea in which Nia and her support cast bob along make this book one for the keeper shelf.”
—’s Happy Ever After on Decadence

“It’s hard to top his earlier works, but Dickey doesn’t disappoint.”
Ebony on An Accidental Affair