James Mullen believes that American employees are inherently ambitious, and that the most efficient and profitable way a company can reach its full potential is by empowering its workforce, individual by individual. Yet most companies treat their employees like idiots, says Mullen, creating a work environment where employees grimly submit to subservience in exchange for security, morale is low, and failure is built into management philosophy.

In The Simple Art of Greatness, Mullen explains how managers who are willing to re-think their approach to power and control can transform their company into a vital, enthusiastic, more productive place to work. Using ideas adapted from his favorite philosopher, Aristotle, Mullen outlines the management principles that have helped him build one of the country's most respected advertising agencies, principles that can help managers unleash the hidden potential of employees in any company, and provide the key to living an intelligent, responsible life outside the office as well.