Captiva by Randy Wayne White is now available for the first time in audio!

"We'll drop anything we're doing to read a new Randy White novel and be glad we did." (Denver Post)

Randy Wayne White is acclaimed as "wildly inventive" (The San Diego Union-Tribune), "a wonderful writer" (Paul Theroux), "a fine storyteller" (Peter Matthiessen), and "the rightful heir to John D. MacDonald" (The Tampa Tribune-Times). In his fourth Doc Ford novel, he delivers a wicked thriller that sends government agent-turned-marine biologist Doc Ford into dangerous new waters, as a Florida fishing dispute escalates into a deadly war that reaches across the ocean...
Praise for Captiva

“The thriller Captiva is a lot like are...caught!...One of the more dramatic finales in mystery fiction. White tellsone whale of a story.”—Miami Herald

“An enticing brew of hard-drinking, thick-skulled anglers, plodding detectives, and plotting marina bosses. White knows a thing or two about friendship, love, and honor. He also knows it’s possible for neighbors who share the same small island to appreciate and understand each other so little.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Edginess is what sets White’s work apart from the pack....A prickly,enigmatic hero...Ambience, compelling characters and straight forward suspense.”—San Francisco Chronicle