Marcy’s life is a mess. Her parents don’t understand her, she feels like a fat blimp with no friends, and her favorite teacher just got fired. Ms. Finney wasn’t like the other teachers, and she was helping Marcy feel good about being herself. Now that she’s gone, Marcy doesn’t know what to do. She’s always thought things would be better if she could just lose weight, but the loss of Ms. Finney sparks something inside her. She decides to join the fight to bring back her teacher, and in doing so, she discovers that her voice might matter more than she ever realized.
"Marcy, an intelligent and enjoyable adolescent, is an appealing heroine."—School Library Journal


"Ms. Danziger has an attractive style; her prose sparkles with wit and originality."—Publishers Weekly

"Told with zest and humor, this is a good read." -Children's Book Review Service

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