Based on a nationwide survey and confidential interviews with more than three thousand men, bestselling author of For Women Only, Shaunti Feldhahn, has written a startling and unprecedented exploration of how men in the workplace tend to think, which even the most astute women might otherwise miss. In The Male Factor, Feldhahn investigates and quantifies the private thoughts that men almost never publicly reveal or admit to, but that every woman will want to know.

Never before has an author gotten inside the hearts and minds of men in the workplace—from CEOs to managers, from lawyers to factory workers—to get a comprehensive and confidential picture of what men commonly think about their female colleagues, how they view flextime and equal compensation, what their expected “rules” of the workplace are, what managing emotion means, and how that lowcut top is perceived. Because the men in the surveys and interviews were guaranteed anonymity, they talk in a candid and uncensored way about their daily interactions with women bosses, employees, and colleagues, as well as what they see as the most common forces of friction and misunderstanding between men and women at work.

Among the subjects The Male Factor tackles are:

• how men, with rare exception, view almost any emotional display as a sign that the person can no longer think clearly—as well as what they perceive to be “emotion” in the first place (it’s not just crying)

• why certain trendy clothes that women wear may create a career-sabotaging land mine in terms of how male colleagues perceive them

• the unintentional signals that can change a man’s perception of a woman from “assertive and competent” to “difficult”

Women will likely be surprised, even shocked, by these revelations. Some may find them challenging. Yet what they will gain is an invaluable understanding of how their male bosses, colleagues, subordinates, and customers react to a host of situations—as well as the ability to correct common misperceptions. The Male Factor offers a unique road map to what men in the workplace are thinking, allowing women the opportunity to decide for themselves how to use the insights Feldhahn reveals.

From the Hardcover edition.
Praise for
The Male Factor

“For women who are beginners in the marketplace, as well as for veterans, it is important to understand how men are wired. The Male Factor sheds light on many of the situations in which I have found myself while working in government. I intend to recommend this book at every conference at which I speak. It will change the way people in business think, act, and accomplish their goals.”
—Dr. Cheryl Hill, faith-based outreach coordinator for the governor of Maryland

“After reading Shaunti’s newest page-turner, I am thrilled for women and men in the workplace to start a dialogue about the fascinating insights and well-researched findings unveiled in The Male Factor. This book is full of practical recommendations for women seeking to maximize their impact in a workplace full of male counterparts and is a must-read for women in leadership. If you’ve ever interacted with a male colleague, boss, or employee, and wondered, ‘Why did he respond that way?’ this book will provide the answers.”
—Yvette Maher, vice president of Focus on the Family

“Communication is the mortar that binds humanity together. With great diligence, Shaunti Feldhahn explores where interactions between men and women often break down and weaken their collective efforts. Whether you are are working from a high-rise office or the cab of a ranch truck, The Male Factor will prove valuable for all women who seek to enhance their interpersonal communication skills and build a stronger foundation within their working community.”
—Kim Meeder, founder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, inspirational speaker, and author of Bridge Called Hope and Hope Rising