A late-in-life coming-of-age escapade told with humor and heart, Don’t Think Twice is a moving and irreverent account of grief, growing up, and the healing power of adventure.

Within six months, Barbara Schoichet lost everything: her job, her girlfriend of six years, and her mother to pancreatic cancer. Her life stripped bare, and armed with nothing but a death wish and a ton of attitude, Barbara pursues an unlikely method of coping. At the age of fifty she earns her motorcycle license, buys a Harley on eBay from two guys named Dave, and drives it alone from New York to Los Angeles on a circuitous trek loosely guided by her H.O.G. tour book and a whole lot of road whimsy.

On the open highway—where she daily takes her speed to a hundred—Barbara battles physical limitations and inner demons on a journey that flows through the majestic Appalachian Mountains, the enchanting Turquoise Trail, and all along America’s iconic Route 66. She is awed by the battlefields in Gettysburg, stunned by the decadence of Graceland, and amused by a Cadillac graveyard in the middle of nowhere. She meets kind strangers, odd strangers, and a guy who pulls a gun on her for cutting him off. She is vulnerable but sassy, broken but determined to heal . . . or die trying.
Praise for Don't Think Twice

“Often surprising, witty, and thoughtful, this is a bittersweet and entertaining read.”—Booklist
“The memoir stands as a monument to self-confidence and self-direction and to doing what you feel compelled to do, even when people cluck and you can’t explain to yourself why you’re doing it.”—Publishers Weekly

“An all-inclusive and honest account of how one woman used a motorcycle journey to come to grips with painful events in her life... Schoichet's account will resonate with bikers and with those who have always wondered what it feels like to go 100 miles per hour on a motorcycle.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Finally, a road trip—dangerous, exciting, and illuminating—taken by a woman, and on a motorcycle!  Yesss!  This is inspiring to those of us who can't but who wish we could.”—Jane Juska, author of A Round-Heeled Woman and Mrs. Bennet Has Her Say

“Vivid and honest, Don't Think Twice is as fresh as the wind on your face. Reading this book will remind you that just when you think you've hit the end of the road, it's time to set out to discover a new path for your life.”—Diana Bletter, author of The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motorcycle and A Remarkable Kindness 

“If you’re yearning for a wild ride of an adventure, as well as a jolt of heartening life philosophies, don’t think twice about making Don’t Think Twice your next read. You will not regret it!”—Diana Nyad, world champion swimmer and author of Find a Way