From Maeve Binchy’s earliest writings to the most recent, her work is filled with wisdom and common sense and also a sharp, often witty voice that is insightful and reaches out to her readers around the world and of all ages. Whether it is one of her best-selling novels or a short story, Maeve shows us that times may have changed, but people often remain the same: they fall in love, sometimes unsuitably; they have hopes and dreams; they have deep, long-standing friends whose secrets are shared; they go on holidays and celebrate new jobs . . .

A Few of the Girls
is a glorious collection of the very best of her short story writing, stories that were written over the decades—some published in magazines, others for friends as gifts, many for charity benefits. The stories are all filled with the signature warmth and humor that have always been an essential part of Maeve’s appeal.

“A short story by Binchy is immediately recognizable for its blessed brevity, swift pace, poignant wit and unfailingly wise and gentle psychology. This posthumously published collection gathers 36 stories from various nook’s in Binchy’s writing life. . . Honestly, every one is marvelous. . . . A Few of the Girls is a string of gems, and, despite its title, it is not just fiction for women, any more than it is just a book for Irish and English readers.” —Pamela Miller, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Exploring the complex nature of relationships in the melodic prose that became her trademark, Binchy charts the dynamics of romance, the politics of family and the stipulations of friendship. When it comes to capturing the caprices of the human heart, she’s unbeatable. Readers will recognize themselves in her nuanced portrayals of women and men whose goals and regrets, dreams and disappointments never feel less than true-to-life. There’s no better antidote to a raw March evening than a dose of vintage Binchy.” —Julie Hale, BookPage

“The stories cover a broad range of human experiences for which Binchy had a unique talent for expressing . . . There are no flashy literary pyrotechnics, just solid, old-fashioned storytelling. Binchy displays a deep understanding of human nature that strikes a balance between idealists and realists, the cynical and the hopeful . . . At times whimsical, at times somber, Binchy had a keen sense for the nuances of relationships, and the inherent contradictions and quirks of human behavior. A Few of the Girls is a fitting tribute to a beloved and much-missed writer.” —Eleanora Buckbee, Everday eBook

“Binchy’s unique voice is reminiscent of a letter from an old friend.” —Vicki Briner, Library Journal

“In true Binchy fashion, these gentle stories revolve around universal themes of love, loyalty, friendship, compassion, and perseverance. The exploration of human relationships never ceases to fascinate and the author’s ability to empathetically depict the ups and downs of ordinary people living in authentic circumstances translates well to a briefer format. Tying all the stories together is, of course, their trademark comfy settings, and devoted fans will relish another armchair visit to Ireland.” —Margaret Flanagan, Booklist

“Short stories that thrill, entertain and delight readers like only Binchy can. . . . Without a doubt, Binchy is a masterful storyteller. In this work is a variety of stories that appeal to the heart and mind.” —Tmoura Gardener, The Baton Rouge Advocate

“The stories bring to life well-developed characters, often in the space of a few paragraphs, and brim with Maeve’s warmth and common sense. She writes particularly well on loneliness, and about the hopes and fears of young people on the cusp of adulthood.” —Irish Independent

“This new collection of Maeve’s beloved short stories will force you to put down your smartphone in favour of your favourite armchair and this hardback. Featuring some of her best works it is a fine tribute to a very fine author.” —Image

“These stories are full of warmth and humour . . . easy to read and an ideal present for any of her fans.” —Woman’s Way

“The wit, humanity and truths of dearly departed Maeve Binchy live on in her absorbing fictions as this collection of 41 stories proves.” —RTE Guide