Packed with real science and fueled by imagination, a beautifully illustrated guide to traveling in our solar system

Imagine taking a hike along the windswept red plains of Mars to dig for signs of life, or touring one of Jupiter's sixty-four moons where you can photograph its swirling storms.  For a shorter trip on a tight budget, the Moon is quite majestic and very quiet if you can make it during the off-season.

Packed with full color illustrations and real-world science, Vacation Guide to the Solar System is the must-have planning guide for the curious space adventurer, covering all of the essentials for your next voyage, how to get there, and what to do when you arrive. Perfect for fans of Neil deGrasse Tyson's Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, this tongue-in-cheek reference guide is an imaginative exploration into the “What if” of space travel, sharing fascinating facts about space, the planets in our solar system, and even some moons!
“An ideal introduction to the solar system for younger readers and casual space fans who crave an imaginative trip into the possibilities of real space tourism.”
Publishers Weekly

Vacation Guide to the Solar System offers would-be explorers a guidebook to what [space] voyages might be like in the future, adventures driven by dreams and supported with science. . . . By recasting these locales not just as places to look at but as destinations to visit, the new book invites readers to imagine what it might be like to be there and do things. . . . The new guidebook often reads not just as a travel guide to the solar system, but from the future.”
Astronomy Magazine

“The Vacation Guide to the Solar System is from a future we wish were now . . . while Vacation Guide is anything but a hard science book, you'll probably end up smarter for having read it. . . . A fun, new way to look at our Solar System.”
—Ars Technica

“Forget Lake Georgewe’re dreaming of Saturn’s Lake Titan. . . . If entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Richard Branson have their way, humans will soon be taking their vacations in space. While we wait to get into space, Olivia Koski and Jana Grcevich, a science writer and astronomer, respectively, are giving us mere earthlings a taste of what space travel may look like.”
Travel + Leisure

“If you want to plan a vacation that’s truly out of this world, look no further.”

“What a fun book the Intergalactic Travel Bureau has brought us! . . . As thorough as any real-life travel guide . . . up-to-the-moment knowledge combines with wry wit and charming imagery.”
—New York Journal of Books

“This is a great source for information on our solar system, appropriate for kids and adults alike. Fans of astronomy, science, and science fiction should jump on this book. Anyone who likes entertaining nonfiction (Mary Roach’s Packing for Mars immediately springs to mind) will enjoy this.”
—The Irregular Reader