A powerful call to step into your full potential that biblically affirms the need for women to rise up and work together to make a better world. 

"Jo is one of my most trusted voices in Christian leadership. . . . She leads auditoriums full of people, and she leads me one-on-one."—Jen Hatmaker

Have you ever questioned the roles you find yourself in, wondering if you were made for more but unsure of the rocky path before you? Have you had a clear vision for your life, but along the way, insecurity and fear weighted your dreams and silenced the voice within you?
You’re not alone. Many amazing women like you have experienced the same struggles. Whether you’re moving into leadership, discovering your calling, fighting for change, or doing all three, leadership coach and speaker Jo Saxton affirms that God designed women for influence and impact.
But are you living up to your full potential?
Ready to Rise tackles the real-life issues—from harassment and sexism to self-doubt and loneliness—that can discourage and derail women from leading in the areas God has called them to. With insights from her own journey and powerful biblical examples, Jo offers practical advice to empower and equip women to transform their communities.
If you’ve ever longed to uncover your true potential, own your voice, and boldly advance God’s goodness in the world, now is the time to start. Get ready to rise!
Saxton’s voice on leadership is bold, urgent, and full of grace. She calls us to challenge our preconceived notions about leadership and influence, to question the lies we’ve believed, and to rediscover the calling of God. This book is an invitation to rise into the fullness of whom God made each of us to be and to remember that we do our best rising together.”—Amena Brown, poet, author, and host of HER with Amena Brown podcast

“Our ability as women to own, shape, and steward our experiences and stories will directly influence how whole and healed our communities can be. In a world brimming with hopelessness, brokenness, and sin, this is the exact book we need to fully step into our leadership to restore not only our broken communities but our broken selves in the process.”—Jenny Yang, vice president of advocacy and policy at World Relief

Ready to Rise is written with the beauty and creativity of prose, crafted with the understanding of a best friend who ‘gets it,’ and is yet saturated with the teachings and revelations of an international pastor who cracks the code on having and living by faith. Packed with entertaining personal accounts and ‘aha’ moments (some ‘ouch’ moments too), and anchored by teachings and tools for the ages, Jo Saxton readies you. The rise is sure to follow.”—Zakiya Larry, brand-elevation strategist

“Jo reminds us that when we boldly step into our lives, we create a legacy for those coming after us. Jo’s words are an encouragement for us to walk into the unknown—with confidence that Christ has commissioned us all to rise up.”—Jessica Honegger, founder and co-CEO of Noonday Collection and author of Imperfect Courage

“At a time when many are afraid to use their voices, gifts, and talents, we must understand how our lives are intricately connected. Who might be waiting for you to use your voice and leverage your influence? Ready to Rise inspires a generation to take our place in the midst of doubt and chaos and lead with full confidence.”—Latasha Morrison, author and founder of Be the Bridge

“This book isn’t about platform, opportunity, or how to get ahead; it’s about the heart of a woman and the words we’ve needed to hear for centuries. From heartwarming personal stories, authentic dialogues, and accurate biblical foundation, Ready to Rise will help women all across the globe find their voices—and keep them.”—Toni J. Collier, communicator, host, and consultant

“Rooted in truth and conviction, Jo empowers us with a framework that unleashes how we were uniquely created to live and lead. Reshape your inner thoughts to become an influential voice for your community.”—Jessica Nam Kim, CEO and cofounder of ianacare

“Jo Saxton encourages and challenges us to stretch out, be bold, and trust God with the gifts He has placed within each of us. This is a must-read book that will both inspire and encourage you!”—Laurel M. Bunker, vice president of Christian formation and church relations at Bethel University