Ten little rabbits, all dressed in white
Tried to get to heaven on the end of a kite.
Kite string got broken, down they all fell,
Instead of going to heaven, they all went to...

It begins with a nursery rhyme. Nineteen minutes later you die.

A masked stranger stands in the shadows. He watches his victim through the window. He will kill him slowly—make him pay.

Soon the Rabbit Hunter has claimed another three victims. This predator will stop at nothing to reap his ultimate revenge. It’s up to Joona Linna and Saga Bauer to untangle one of the most complex cases of their career, and follow the killer’s trail of destruction back to one horrific night of violence.
“[The Rabbit Hunter] confirms Kepler as a master of disturbing psychological crime novels” —Library Journal
“Outstanding . . . Kepler has never been better at hiding key clues in plain sight.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“[The Rabbit Hunter] holds strong appeal for American thriller fans, especially those of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.” —Booklist
The Rabbit Hunter grips readers from the start and rarely lets up. Although a hefty 500-plus pages, the book unravels at a breakneck pace and almost seems custom-built for a big screen adventure. The Rabbit Hunter is a chase you’ll want to get in on.” —BookPage
“Terrifying enough to give us nightmares—but in a good way.” —CrimeReads
“Fast-paced and fluent . . . Sure to be a hit.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Kepler continues to impress with The Rabbit Hunter, the next Joona Linna crime thriller … and nobody is thinking up better villains. Read this one with the light on.” —The Real Book Spy