A supportive guide that gives busy moms permission to care for themselves, from a popular parenting blogger with one million Facebook followers

"Would you rather have a perfect mom, or a happy one?" This is the question that popular parenting blogger Rebecca Eanes couldn't get out of her head. So she asked her school-age son, who didn't miss a beat in responding: "A happy one."

Thus began a journey of reflection and repair work, as Rebecca asked herself an even harder question: How can I rediscover everyday joy amid the chaos of schedules, homework, and housework--not to mention the guilt, comparisons, loneliness, fear, and overwhelm? In other words, how can I become a happy mom again?

In this relatable guide, Rebecca walks readers through the process of getting back to happy, for your own sake as well as your family's. Going beyond the usual advice about finding balance, embracing gratitude, and not sweating the small stuff, her hard-won advice is written by a busy mom in the trenches. Topics include:
  *  Letting go of perfection (or anything close to it)
  *  Making peace with the past--including the pain of disappointment, loss, and the roads not taken
  *  Tuning in to your own wants and needs--and tuning out the comparisons, "shoulds," and noise of social media
  *  Finding magic in the mess
  *  Choosing joy over fear and worry
  *  Creating healthy boundaries so that everyone in your life can thrive (including you!)

Filled with fresh insights, simple strategies, and aha moments, this is that rare book you'll want to read, share, and return to for a booster shot of confidence, connection, and joy.

Includes a bonus PDF of “happiness habits” and journal prompts.
"Inspiring, heartfelt, practical, and a delightful read! Rebecca’s gift to the reader is like a compassionate embrace of a wise friend who's been there. She understands the journey, tells you the truth, helps you find clarity, eases your mind, and always sticks up for you." 
 --Janet Lansbury, author of No Bad Kids and Elevating Child Care

"Today’s moms are flooded with social media posts that perpetuate the false idea that they alone struggle with self-doubt, guilt, anxiety, and loneliness. Filled with gentle wisdom, honest revelations, and actionable steps, The Gift of a Happy Mother reminds us that the greatest gift we can give our children is our own contentment. Inspiring, comforting, and wise. A wonderful read!
--Susan Stiffelman, author of Parenting Without Power Struggles and Parenting With Presence 

"Finally, someone has tackled the stumbling blocks of motherhood—the fear, worry, guilt, sadness, stress and your own inner critic. The Gift of a Happy Mother is sterling inspiration.... A happy mother is a gift to her child. Make this book a gift to both of you."
--Susan Newman, Ph.D.,, social psychologist and author of Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day

"The Gift of a Happy Mother, is the book we all need. One that lovingly reminds us that we must care for ourselves right alongside our children. This comprehensive look at today's "joy stealers," along with easy to implement strategies to get it back, will help you feel like yourself again."  
--Sarah MacLaughlin, LSW, author of What Not to Say: Tools for Talking with Young Children

"Rebecca Eanes shares her wisdom and experience, emphasizing why it’s important for mothers to cultivate and embrace happiness and fulfillment. She offers self-affirming, practical strategies to help moms build their 'joy armor,' triumphantly navigate the reality, chaos, and challenges of parenthood—and, in turn, empower children to thrive."
--Joanne Foster, Ed.D., educator and award-winning author