Use mindfulness techniques to handle toxic stress in the workplace and to create your ideal professional experience from the inside out.

While working in a particularly toxic environment, Karlyn Borysenko came to this liberating realization: she couldn't control other people, but she could control herself, her perspective, and her actions. Now an organizational psychologist, consultant, and executive coach, Borysenko shows us how to bridge the gap between where we are now and what will bring us the most professional success and happiness. We must achieve self-mastery--by accepting responsibility for our actions, understanding our innate work style, and discerning when and how to push outside our comfort zone.
   In Zen Your Work, Borysenko shows us how to set personal goals that allow us to focus our energy and create measures of success that aren't affected by the cynicism, competitiveness, or narcissism of others. Borysenko teaches us to apply mindfulness techniques in a highly practical way to achieve professional success, create game-changing relationships (even with the most negative people in the office), decrease stress, and enjoy a better work/life balance.
"Zen Your Work provides tips and relevant exercises to help employees develop the necessary mindset to be happy at work, despite difficult people or circumstances."
—Amy Cooper Hakim, coauthor of Working with Difficult People

Zen Your Work will literally change your brain. It does a wonderful job of explaining how a powerful shift in your thinking can help you to create a work life that is truly rewarding. “
—Friederike Fabritius, neuropsychologist and coauthor of The Leading Brain

“I have long believed that left to their own devices, our minds create all of our struggles in the workplace. The amazing flip side to this is that our mindsets and expectations alone allow us to find joy and success at work, and that with the right tools we can even find that success and happiness are our natural states, once the drama is gone. Zen Your Work is a powerful collection of those tools that will teach you how to navigate the most pressing challenges you’ll face in the office with a fresh set of eyes.”
—Cy Wakeman, author of No Ego and Reality-Based Leadership

“Karlyn offers a foundational and practical approach to self-awareness in the workplace, so we can stay zen and take ownership of our mental health regardless of our circumstances at work. She shows us how to set the right tone in leadership and communication to create a productive path forward to success.”  
—John Baldino, President of Humareso

"Zen Your Work is a fantastic toolkit for anyone who wants to create the most meaningful work experience possible, regardless of their coworkers' moods, organizational change, and other external circumstances. The book will help you understand your strengths and biases so that you can enjoy smoother, less stressful interactions and greater success."
—Alice Boyes, PhD, author of The Healthy Mind Toolkit 

"Zen Your Work is a wonderful book for coping with everyone at work, including high-conflict personalities. From how to start your day well, to the stories you tell yourself on-the-job, to building strategic relationships, Dr. Borysenko gives lots of tools and tips for finding and creating your ideal work situation. After reading this book, you’ll know how to thrive (not just survive) regardless of what everyone else does. Surprisingly simple, clear, and friendly."
  —Bill Eddy, author of 5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life