Improv instructor and writer Jorjeana Marie presents the first book to harness the creative power of improvisation exercises to help both aspiring and seasoned authors defeat writer's block and generate new ideas. 

Suffering from writer's block and inner critics? Having trouble generating ideas for plots, settings, and characters? Introducing the rules and techniques of improvisation as they apply to fiction writing, improv instructor and writer Jorjeana Marie addresses each major element of storytelling by applying writer's-block-busting games and inner-critic-quieting exercises to get the creative ideas flowing. Armed with the power of improv--and freeing exercises like Ad Agency, Your Local Library, and Family Portraits--you'll soon be an idea machine. With Improv for Writers, your creative storytelling well will never run dry again.

Features a PDF of Lists to Assist with Games and Exercises
“A funny, whip-smart, crackling good how-to for anyone looking to wake up their inner creative self. There is literally something for everyone in Marie’s clever manual of creative exercises, prompts, tips, and encouragement.”—Kathleen Glasgow, New York Times bestselling author of Girl in Pieces and How to Make Friends with the Dark

“Not only is this is a great read and lifting of the veil into the creative process but a great how to that has helped me Immensely! Kudos to this great book!”—Eddie Pepitone, stand-up comic and actor

“Writing a story is all about taking chances—and playing with purpose. Improv for Writers will help you get there! I can’t wait to try these techniques in workshops with my students!”—Sarah Aronson, author of Just Like Rube Goldberg and the Wish List Series

“As writers we’re constantly told to get out of our own way, this book is a forever gift which does just that. I found reading these pages turned finding new ideas into a game worth playing. You won’t be blocked for long.”—Miranda Bailey, Award-winning writer, producer, and director

 “Say yes to Improv for Writers that needs to be rule #1 for every writer regardless of platform. Jorjeana Marie takes us on a delightful journey - it feels like she is standing on my shoulder whispering words of encouragement. Her writing is delightful, witty and fun-and the bonus I learned a lot. Improv for Writers will be go-to when I get stranded on the page hearing “No” in my head- Jorjeana Marie and her wonderful book will be telling me ‘YES…AND.’”—Jennifer Rawlings, New York Times and Wall Street Journal writer and stand-up comic

“This is quite an exceptional book! Really touches on a part of writing most people don't explain or know about, the actual creative part (as opposed to the format-ty part, of which there are a zillion books that, in the end, don't tell you really how to write, but how to make it look like you can write, but people have to start somewhere). Fun to read, fun to do. This book is something good. If you’re just starting out, or stuck in your writing, or just want to write mo’ better, there’s this book, or a hammer. This book is filled with iconoclastic improvisational ideas and games that’ll open the veritable floodgates of your imagination longing to be free. The hammer just hurts. A lot. Go with the book, it’s totally worth it and WAY less painful!”—Mark Zaslove, Emmy Award-winning writer and winner of The Humanitas Prize

“I wish I'd had this advice, and these fabulously playful techniques, when I was struggling to become a recognized writer. Jorjeana’s own struggle has taught her so much, and we are so lucky she's sharing with us what she learned the hard way. Her irrepressible sense of whimsy and her very specific guidelines will make you laugh and inspire you—and unleash creativity you never knew you had.”—Gordon Farrell, playwright of The Lifespan of a Fact with Daniel Radcliffe, screenwriter of Girls Who Smoke, and winner of the Outer Critics’ Circle John Gassner Award for New American Play