The groundbreaking system scientifically proven to increase your performance and launch you to unprecedented levels of success.

Today, in sales, business, and life, you need every advantage you can get. In Sell More with Science, David Hoffeld, the world’s leading expert on applying science to selling, shares his revolutionary three-part system to experience surefire success at home, at work, and out in the world.

Here, Hoffeld utilizes research studies from social psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics to reveal actionable insights you can use to grow your sales, achieve more, and stay ahead of the competition. You’ll discover:

   • two evidence-based mindsets that will help you earn more sales
   • seven strategies that will boost your chances of reaching any goal
   • powerful principles that will enhance your ability to guide potential clients into positive buying decisions
   • ways to win day-to-day interactions—in business and beyond
   • how to reframe any idea or situation
   • what it means to sell with integrity
   • a science-backed formula you can follow to create positive career change
   • and much more 
Filled with practical insights and exercises, Sell More with Science is a game-changing guide for anyone who wants to take their influence, sales, or career to new heights.
"This book is essential reading for anyone seeking to drive improved sales results. It harnesses the power of behavioral science and neuroscience, blended with the art of selling for greater influence and improved sales results. Sell More with Science explains the 'why' and 'how' for elevating sales engagement and leadership. David's evidenced-based perspective enables leaders to intelligently and confidently blend art and science together for successful sales transformation."—Tony Hughes, bestselling author of The Joshua Principle; co-founder of Sales IQ Global

"In Sell More with Science, David Hoffeld once again demonstrates how taking a deliberate, planned approach to sales is the best predictor of success. As you would expect from David, this book is full of researched-based wisdom rather than simply anecdotal extrapolations. I highly recommend this book, as the successful salesperson of the future will need to have more dimensions and skills than ever before and this book outlines many of them."—John Golden, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Pipeliner Sales; bestselling author of Winning the Battle for Sales

"Most sales books are full of techniques, tactics and hacks from the perspective and experience of one person, but fall short of helping the reader execute consistently. Sell More with Science bridges the gap between knowing and doing through research so that sellers can change their mindsets and behaviors to better align with their buyers. To be the best of the best at your craft, this book is a fundamental must read for elite sellers who seek to take the guesswork out of sales performance improvement."—Carole Mahoney, founder of Unbound Growth

"Most sales advice has little support beyond someone’s assumption. By contrast, David Hoffeld’s work and practice are grounded in solid behavioral research and focused on core aspects of selling applicable in many markets. His book can help you sell more and, equally valuable, make you feel better about your career."—Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School; author of Sales Management That Works

"This book cements David Hoffeld's reputation as the leading advocate for science-based selling. He demystifies the keys to improving your sales by providing specific, actionable insights, based on solid, peer-reviewed data. You won’t be successful in sales without understanding how the brain of the buyer is responding to your efforts. Read this book. You really will sell more with science."—Dan Solin, author of Ask: How to Relate to Anyone

"Sell More with Science is a book every person in sales should read, no matter their experience level. The truth and insights found inside will help all sales professionals from complex B2B to transactional consumer-facing roles and everything in between. I love this entire book. I appreciate the way difficult ideas are explained and then broken down into simple and actionable messages. If you want to sell more and sell better, then read Sell More With Science and watch your sales growth accelerate."—Mareo McCracken, CRO at Movemedical; author of Really Care For Them

"Yes, sales is an art, but it is also a science! In this book, David looks at the other side of the sales coin. He will help you understand the rules of influence and how you can deploy them with intent to be more persuasive."—Victor Antonio, host of the Sales Influence podcast

"David has put it all together, distilling the complexities of the science of sales from mindset to execution, in an easily digestible, actionable book for the good of the salesperson, the client and the profession."—Todd Caponi, author of The Transparency Sale