Want to deliver a pitch or presentation that grabs your audience’s ever-shrinking attention span? Ditch the colorful slides and catchy language. And follow one simple rule: Convey only what needs to be said, clearly and concisely, in three minutes or less.

That’s the 3-Minute Rule.

Hollywood producer and pitch master Brant Pinvidic has sold more than three hundred TV shows and movies, run a TV network, and helmed one of the largest production companies in the world with smash hits like The Biggest Loser and Bar Rescue. In his nearly twenty years of experience, he’s developed a simple, straightforward system that’shelped hundreds—from Fortune 100 CEOs to PTA presidents—use top-level Hollywood storytelling techniques to simplify their messages and say less to get more.

Pinvidic proves that anyone can deliver a great pitch, for any idea, in any situation, so your audience not only remembers your message but can pass it on to their friends and colleagues. You’ll see how his methods work in a wide range of situations—from presenting investment opportunities in a biotech startup to pitching sponsorship deals for major sports stadiums, and more.

Now it’s your turn. The 3-Minute Rule will equip you with an easy, foolproof method to boil down any idea to its essential elements and structure it for maximum impact.

Simplify. Say less. Get More.
"Please read The 3-Minute Rule.  It absolutely will empower your career, reorder your priorities and improve your life.  Brant is an extraordinary leader.  It's a great privilege to learn from him and be mentored by him. This book makes it possible for everyone."
--KATHY IRELAND, Chair, CEO and Chief Designer, kathy ireland® Worldwide  

"For any leader or entrepreneur who wants to get their message heard, The 3-Minute Rule should be their guidebook. The methods are clear, concise, and absolutely necessary."
--LEWIS HOWES, author of The School of Greatness

"What's the secret to a great presentation? The answer is hidden in plain sight on the cover of The 3-Minute Rule. What I discovered in this book will become a huge shock wave in business. once you understand the techniques here, you can successfully pitch to anyone. I'm using it myself!"
--OREN KLAFF, author of Pitch Anything and Flip the Script

"This book knocked my socks off. Brant expertly teaches how to say more with less so I should keep this short and just say: Buy this book."
--VANESSA VAN EDWARDS, author of Captivate

"If there was a Pitch Rescue, I'd trust Brant Pinvidic to save the day. Brant has the skills and intuition to pitch in some of the toughest situations and achieve brilliant results. If you are about to pitch anything to anyone and you haven't read this book... SHUT IT DOWN!"
--JON TAFFER, host of Bar Rescue and author of Don't Bullsh*t Yourself

"Having been on the receiving end of Brant's pitches I can tell you there is nobody more qualified to teach the methods outlined in The 3-Minute Rule--he's the master!"
--DAVE HOWE, president, Strategy and Commercial Growth at NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment

“Ditch the theatrics, the flashy slides, and the long-winded explanations. Brant Pinvidic’s game-changing approach to making pitches and presentations proves that if you simplify your information all you need is three minutes. No gimmicks, just results.”
--TONY ROBBINS, author of MONEY Master the Game and Unshakeable