A three-step career system to help you tap into your own unique value to find a deeply meaningful and engaging job, whether you're a college student, a recent graduate, or a new professional looking for a fresh start.

“Snyder’s proven step-by-step plan shows you how to create a meaningful career you will love.”—Tasha Eurich, New York Timesbestselling author of Insight and Bankable Leadership

In Finding Work You Love, award-winning University of Southern California business school professor Kirk Snyder helps you match the value you alone bring to today's new job market with work that rewards you for who you are in the professional world. When you find a role that leverages the exact strengths and abilities you have to offer, you set yourself up for a rewarding career that matters.

Based on the top-rated course he teaches to graduate and undergraduate students, Professor Snyder's "Working You" system has three simple steps. First you take a guided inventory of your professional value: Who are you and what makes you special? What can you do that sets you apart? How are you personally motivated to be who you want to be? Next, you evaluate different fields, companies, and roles that truly fit with your personal inventory. And finally, having created a job bank of twenty-five high-potential positions just for you, you learn how to turn your right fits into tangible offers.

Along the way, stories from current students, college grads, and new professionals who have used this system show you how easy it is to navigate the process. If you're ready to find the fulfilling and successful career you've dreamed of, start here.

This audiobook includes a downloadable PDF that contains exercise templates from the book.
“At a time when many students question their potential for successfully finding a career they will love, Professor Kirk Snyder provides a clear, logical, and compelling system for analyzing themselves and the workplace. His point-based templates help students identify their three key points of value that make them unique—and then do the same to find a perfect match to a potential employer, career field, and role. Using this system, students will focus on the best possible matches for their talents, save time and energy in the job search process, and set themselves up for success throughout their careers.”—Katharine S. Brooks, author of You Majored in What? and coauthor of What Color Is Your Parachute? 2021