The fight for freedom has sent Matt Drake to some of the world's most dangerous spots. This time the war is coming to his front door in an electrifying thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Tom Clancy Target Acquired and Hostile Intent.

Broad daylight on an Austin, Texas, street and DIA operative Matt Drake is fighting for his life against a highly trained team of assassins. Who are they? Why do they want him dead? How will he protect those closest to him?

The answers will take him into some of the most dangerous spots in the Middle East and will put him in the clutches of an old foe known simply as the Devil. It's a world of double crosses, with no boundaries between the guilty and the innocent. It will take all of Drake's wiles to get out alive.
"[A]nother super-charged, action-packed adventure that’s tailor-made for fans of Mark Greaney and Brad Taylor...Gritty, timely, and packed with nonstop, heart-thumping action, Don Bentley’s The Outside Man is a must-read for fans of propulsive, unputdownable thrillers."—The Real Book Spy

"[D]evoted action fans, will be right at home. All can benefit from Drake's insider tips: get military pepper spray if you can; the commercial stuff is a powder puff."—Booklist

“Bentley adds brains to the traditional brawn of yesteryear in crafting a thinking man's shoot-'em-up that keeps us on the edge of our seat from beginning to end.”—The Providence Journal

"[A] bloodied and world-weary Matt Drake has returned to try to save the world...The Outside Man...reinforc[es] Bentley’s status as a fresh and worthy entrant into the top tier of military-political thriller authors such as Brad Thor, the late Vince Flynn, James Haig and others."—BookTrib

The Outside Man is among the rare class of sequels that outshine their predecessors….Bentley possesses that unique combination of storytelling ability and personal life experience that lends an air of realism which cannot be faked. For fans of writers like Simon Gervais, Mark Greaney, and Jack Carr, Don Bentley’s The Outside Man is sure to be a new favorite.”—Coffee or Die Magazine