An extraordinary new mindful approach to healing after loss that taps into everyone’s ability to continue their relationship with those who have passed.

“Marilyn’s vast and masterful experience in communicating with passed loved ones illustrate what they want to teach us.”—Betty Jampel, LCSW

When Marilyn Kapp was two years old, she watched her grandfather leave his body. He told her he would be back and he was true to his word. When Marilyn realized that others did not share her perception of the spiritual plane, she kept her channeling abilities to herself and her family. This changed when, as a college student, she met writer, Holocaust survivor, and future Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel. He became her mentor and encouraged her to use her perception to help others.

In Love Is Greater Than Pain, Marilyn shares her profound understanding of the afterlife. Today a renowned medium, Marilyn reveals the beauty in the transition from the physical to the spiritual plane, helping those who are dying, as well as those left behind. With personal stories and transcripts from channeling sessions, Marilyn teaches us how to interact with the afterlife and to joyfully embrace the reality that love truly is greater than pain.

Marilyn shares universal messages of comfort, forgiveness, and understanding, including specific guidance for bereaved parents, for those dealing with dementia, and even for people who are grieving for their animal friends.

Marilyn’s groundbreaking seminal work offers practical advice, clear takeaways, and a new approach to death, grieving, and living your best life, sharing concrete steps for:
• Raising your personal vibration to increase health, joy, and the ability to receive channeled information and love.
• Helping yourself and others honor life while grieving.
• Understanding the parallel process of growth that we share with those who have passed.

When we honor life as we grieve, we offer healing and support to one another, as well as conscious collaboration with those who have passed.
Love is Greater Than Pain is soothing comfort for the pain of loss—a pain that escapes no one here on this Earth plane. At some level, no one ever dies. And we can be in touch with them always. But to be human is to miss those who have left us physically. Love is Greater Than Pain is a bridge that helps bridge our physical reality to the spiritual reality of no death and no loss. I highly recommend the comfort found in these pages!”—Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times bestselling author of Goddesses Never Age, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“Marilyn’s book beautifully validates what I have learned in my journey as a hospice social worker: how our loved ones leave this earth plane, how we make peace with them and their death, and how we integrate the love we had for them—it all matters. Even if our relationships were fraught with ambivalence and pain, how we forgive them and ourselves influences our lives moving forward. Marilyn’s vast and masterful experience in communicating with passed loved ones illustrate what they want to teach us. Through love, everything is possible, and through love, we can heal our wounded hearts and souls.”—Betty Jampel, LCSW

“As a therapist, I work with people who often have PTSD, depression, anxiety, or are simply feeling stuck. I’ve seen the insight that clients have gained from Marilyn’s spiritual gift—many have described the experience of working with Marilyn as life changing—and I am extremely grateful that Marilyn is now sharing that same healing gift with the world in her book, Love Is Greater Than Pain.—Marie Moore, PsyD

“Marilyn Kapp’s book, Love Is Greater Than Pain, is a generous offering to the world in a time when it needs guidance through grief more than ever. My family and I have known Marilyn for over twenty years. She is a talented medium whose connection with the afterlife has helped countless people through grief and the rediscovery of joy after a terrible loss. Marilyn offers a new perspective on death, one that allows you to heal alongside your loved one who has passed and stay connected with them. This is a life changing invitation for hope and healing.”—Ed Begley Jr.

“Marilyn’s story and her incredible experience with those who are in body and out of body mesmerized me from the beginning. I can only imagine the comfort the reader will find after reading this book. Both life and death become more real and yet exciting with Marilyn’s insight and guidance. Love Is Greater Than Pain can help everyone, whether they have lost a child or a loved one, are afraid of death, or want to better understand this journey of life.”—Janet Whitney, MA, LMFT, founder of Facing Your Fears