A heartening and life-affirming novel about a single mother learning to make a bigger life, and the power of human connection to grow our worlds.

Delphine Jones’s world is about to get much bigger...if only she’d let it.

Devoted single mother Delphine Jones is an expert at putting her head down and moving through life one day at a time. Since getting pregnant at sixteen, her circle has only ever included her now eleven-year-old daughter and best friend, Em, and her complicated father whom they live with. But when an opportunity for her to finish school presents itself, Delphine finally does something she hasn’t done in years: she takes a chance on herself. Sometimes all it takes is one chance.
As Delphine rediscovers her passions and her belief in herself, her circle expands to include an Oscar-winning actress turned teacher, an Eritrean couple running a local café-cum-jazz club, an elderly French widow looking to converse, and a handsome musician who awakens something in Delphine that she thought had been long buried. But as Delphine’s eyes and heart start to open, she must also face questions she’s stonewalled for more than a decade, questions about Em’s father. Is she brave enough?  
Advance Praise for Delphine Jones Takes a Chance

“A wonderful book...such a JOY. An uplifting celebration of mothers, daughters and female friendship. It left me feeling better about the world and wanting to make the most of life.” –Clare Pooley, author of The Authenticity Project

“[An] uplifting, earnest book with layered, complicated characters…A cozy story that accepts people for who they are, warts and all, and celebrates the hard work that true change requires.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The ending provides a warmhearted, feel-good resolution…This uplifting, charming, and quirky novel will appeal to fans of Phaedra Patrick and Jenny Colgan.” —Booklist

“Beth Morrey brings readers a lovely, heartwarming novel of new beginnings in Delphine Jones Takes a Chance….[A] poignant story of second chances, [and] a glimpse into an incredible mother-daughter bond.” —Shelf Awareness

Delphine Jones Takes a Chance is a delightful read, with wonderful minor characters that fill out the story—a feisty elderly French woman, a sweet and generous Eritrean cafe owner and his wife, a washed-up-actress-turned-schoolteacher who is suddenly given another chance. What a fun read.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A glorious, heart-felt manifesto for the life-changing power of human connection…A novel packed full of hope, humor and kindness that left me with the sort of warm afterglow that stays with you long after the final word” —Sarah Haywood, author of The Cactus

“A beautiful, uplifting and deeply moving story of found family and second chances, which I devoured in one sitting. I fell hard for Delphine and Em, and I know that readers will too!” —Freya Sampson, author of The Last Chance Library

“A gorgeous, heartfelt story of love, grief and second chances filled with poignant warmth and a cast of irresistible characters.” —Annie Lyons, author of The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett

Delphine Jones Takes a Chance is an adorable novel about hope, second chances and the things that shape us. Most of all it’s about how with a bit of grit and hope, you really can change your life! It’s full of wit, warmth and wisdom. Delphine and Em are beautifully drawn characters that felt thoroughly alive.” —Katy Regan, author of Little Big Love