In this companion to Tornado Brain, a moving tale of loss and healing comes full circle.

Tess has always understood her role in her family. She is supposed to be the "okay" one. The one no one has to worry about. But all Tess does is worry, constantly picking at her fingers every time a new worry arises. Still grieving her best friend's death, she is consumed by the fear that everything was her fault and her sadness that Colette is never coming back. Worse still, it seems like everyone else has found a way to move on, even her twin sister Frankie. When her mom decides a change of location might do her good, Tess finds herself on an airplane bound for her aunt's house in small town Wyoming and a summer vacation attending art camp.

Tess thinks she might never be able to move on from losing Colette but her quirky but determined cousin Kennedy and new friend Izzy are determined to help. When Tess becomes convinced that Colette's ghost might be haunting her, Kennedy and Izzy find new ways for Tess to make peace with the past and finally let go of the grief that has been haunting her heart.
Praise for Paper Heart:

★ “Utterly convincing and compelling . . . Patrick writes with a sure hand, a fine eye for detail, and a quick, accessible understanding that will have readers on Tess’ side and happy to see her finding and forgiving herself.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, starred review

“An engaging tale of grief and the power of friendship.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Patrick’s cleverly plotted tale is a mashup of mystery and summer romance that makes for an agreeable companion to Tornado Brain, and it can also be read and enjoyed independently.” —Booklist

“Patrick provides a unique look into the world of a grief-stricken kid trying to stay above water. She intertwines mystery, realistic fiction, romance, and social-emotional issues with aplomb, creating a lovely and therapeutic story . . . [and] weaves an authentic tale of a young girl with a sensitive heart who endures life’s hardships.” —School Library Journal