NATIONAL BESTSELLER • The #1 bestselling author of On Fire shows us how to recapture and harness our childlike sense of wonder in order to become more engaged, successful, and fulfilled.

“Engaging . . . O’Leary encourages us to see the world through a child’s eyes.”—Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays with Morrie

There once was a time when we joyfully raised our hands to answer questions, connected easily with others, believed that anything was possible, and fearlessly jumped into new experiences. A time when we viewed each day not as something to endure, but as a marvelous gift to explore and savor—when we danced through our lives in awe of the ordinary moments and eager for the promise of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, that’s far from our experience today. Instead, we feel disconnected and jaded. Social media reminds us that we don’t measure up, and the mainstream media barrages us with constant negativity. Many of us find ourselves caught in a life of dogged responsibility and mind-numbing repetition. The daily struggle to earn a living has caused us to lose the sense of wonder with which we once greeted every day.

In his new book, bestselling author John O’Leary invites us to consider that it is possible to once again navigate the world as a child does. Identifying five senses children innately possess and that we’ve lost touch with as we age, O’Leary shares emotional, humorous, and inspirational stories intertwined with fascinating new research showing  how each of us can reclaim our childlike joy, and why doing so will change how we interact with the world.

In Awe reveals how we can regain that ability to see fresh insights, reach for new solutions, and live our best lives.
“Get ready to have your world rocked.”—Dave Ramsey, author and radio host

“Every human being needs this book.”—Rachel Macy Stafford, author of Hands Free Mama

“If the greatest advantage in this life is a positive brain, it is vital we find a way to bring joy back into our work and relationships. John O'Leary shows us that joy and awe can not only be recaptured, they must be. They are the fuel we use to face a challenging and complicated world with boldness and confidence. Reading In Awe will return hope and wonder back into your pursuit of happiness.”—Shawn Achor, author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage

In a world full of negativity, John O’Leary will remind you that you always have a choice. Life is still good, and the best days remain ahead. This is a must-read. You’ll be ‘In Awe’ at how John changes your outlook and at the possibilities you will see still present in your life.”—Mel Robbins, host of The Mel Robbins Show and author of The 5 Second Rule

“My career and passion is to wake individuals and organizations to their full potential. John O’Leary does exactly that in the book In Awe. He’ll remind you of the natural joy, hope, and wonder you possessed as a child, explain why you lost it, and reveal how you can return to it. Read this book. Thank me later.”—Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning

“We all know the attitude we choose determines the lives we live. But I can think of few people who model this better than John O’Leary. After reading In Awe, you’ll be inspired to not only choose a positive attitude but to embrace the gift of daily joy and to live a life of meaning. With so much negativity and divisiveness in the world, the time is now to return to living In Awe.”—Jon Gordon, author of The Energy BusThe Carpenter, and The Seed

“Do you remember that last time you were fascinated by something most people consider ordinary? How old were you when it happened? John O’Leary’s new book shows the reader how to regain the excitement for life that many of us are not even aware we have lost. . . . In Awe is a book I needed.”—Andy Andrews, author of The Traveler’s Gift and The Noticer

“If you, like me, fell in love with John O’Leary’s heart through the story of his personal journey, this book will only extend your admiration. John reminds us all to hit Pause, to reflect on and to appreciate the life we are blessed with. I’m an even bigger fan of his after reading In Awe.”­—Don Yaeger, eleven-time New York Times bestselling author