An introduction to the wines of Italy by region and grape, telling the story of how the history of the country shaped Italian wines and how modern winemakers are looking to the past to revive the industry.

From award-winning sommelier Shelley Lindgren, who has long been recognized (and now knighted!) for her promotion of lesser-known Italian wines, and acclaimed cookbook author Kate Leahy comes a user-friendly and beautiful guide to Italian wines two decades in the making. The dynamic storytelling duo takes you through a beautifully photographed and delightfully comprehensive journey to understand what Italian wine looks like today: the makers shaping the industry, the innovative ways farmers are adapting to climate change, and the history that paved the path for this current movement.

Travel vicariously through all twenty regions with Leahy and Lindgren and expand your palate beyond Chianti, Pinot Grigio, and Lambrusco. Immerse yourself in the untold stories of how ancient winemaking techniques, the shifts of power and the movement of families, and the terrain and climate have influenced modern Italian winemaking. The curiosity and passion Lindgren and Leahy have is infectious and inviting, and you’ll leave with a buzz and a richer understanding of the country’s wines.

Let Italian Wine be your in-depth and fun guide into this endlessly fascinating, diverse world of wine.

* This audiobook edition includes a downloadable PDF of maps and resources from the book.
“A brilliant look into the past, present, and future of wine and food in Italy. The book portrays the deep culture of Italian tradition!”—Rajat Parr, owner-operator of Phelan Farm and author of Secrets of the Sommeliers and The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste

“A pioneering sommelier and restaurant owner, Shelley Lindgren has, for decades, been at the forefront of Italy’s evolving wine culture and an early champion of producers that have now become canon. Together with Kate Leahy, she has managed to distill deep knowledge of and clear passion for Italy into an indispensable, and approachable, guide to the producers, places, and culture that make Italy’s wines among the world’s greatest.”—Talia Baiocchi, editor in chief, Punch

“With Italian Wine, Lindgren and Leahy have managed the impossible—to celebrate and explain Italy’s rich and storied viticultural history while introducing us to those shaping its wines today. This visually stunning and extremely user-friendly book brings each region alive, honoring geography, winemakers, and culinary traditions from the North to the South, guiding us on a journey and informing us all the while. This book will sit on my counter at the ready for those times I want to escape to Italy, brush up on knowledge, or simply find inspiration for dinner.”—Jordan Salcito, award-winning sommelier, author, and founder of Drink RAMONA Organic Italian Spritzes

“Shelley Lindgren is positively, absolutely at the apex of America's impassioned lovers of Italian wine. She has put in the time (decades), the kilometers in Italy (thousands), and has served for years some of the greatest glasses of Italian wines with stupendously good food at her restaurant. As an admiring Italian winegrower once said to me, ‘She knows all, my dear.’ It’s no surprise that Italian Wine is a rarity: a book about the most complicated, yet exhilarating, wine country in the world that conveys all of its excitement—but blows away all the fuss and bother. Really, you can’t ask for more or better than that.”—Matt Kramer, author of True Taste: The Seven Essential Wine Words

“For decades, Shelley has been a leading voice in the Italian wine revolution and an early advocate for indigenous varietals of Southern Italy. Her love for Italian wine has been a prophecy realized. Italian Wine, which breaks the vast landscape into regions and varietals, is a must-read for Italian wine veterans and newbies alike. Shelley and Kate present Italy in a straightforward and easy-to-read fashion. Shelley’s vast knowledge of Italian wine and immense passion come through on every page.”—Joe Bastianich, wine maker and restaurateur