A funny and wise guide and workbook for conquering fears, from the existential to the everyday, and defeating the monster those fears can become: anxiety

This is an audiobook about fear. About how it works, how it takes hold over us, and how it dogs us from childhood (the monsters under the bed) to adulthood (careers, relationships, accidentally sending that risky text to the wrong person--all the things that make us want to bite our nails). But this is also a book about that monster our fear can warp into when it grows too powerful, a phenomenon we are all too familiar with and that more and more of us are struggling against: anxiety.

Author and illustrator Amalia Andrade had her own battle with anxiety, and not only did she make it out the other side, she learned sometimes it's the very thing that almost sinks you that can save you. Through the lessons, exercises, and often hilarious personal stories Amalia shares in these pages, together you will learn how to make those feelings your friends and turn your fears into superpowers.

*This audiobook includes a PDF Survival Kit with illustrations and anti-fear exercises.
Praise for Things You Think About When You Bite Your Nails

“Available in English and Spanish, this is a beautifully illustrated workbook about fear—how it works, how it develops from childhood, and how it can morph into adult anxiety. Mari Andrew calls it funny and compassionate, ‘a must-have companion that reminds us how much power we actually have over our own lives.’”
—Book Riot

Things You Think About When You Bite Your Nails is a tender and witty examination of fear, in which Amalia Andrade shows us that fear is as universal and useful a teacher as heartbreak. She gives us an empowering opportunity to be observers of our own anxieties, and therefore become better caretakers of them. By the end of this funny, compassionate, and interactive deep-dive into the things that scare us, I was ready to ask my fears to dance! During an era when the unknown future seems especially frightening, this book is a must-have companion that reminds us how much power we actually have over our own lives.”
—Mari Andrew, author of Am I There Yet? and My Inner Sky  
“Relatable and comforting and challenging all at once. Don’t be afraid to read this book.”
—Jenny Lawson, author of Furiously Happy

“Amalia Andrade is back with another book packed full of kind-hearted, relatable, slightly manic, pop-culture-infused personal insight, and reflective prompts. Deeply human, this book on fear and anxiety has already touched many like-minded souls and is sure to continue its impact with this English translation.”
—Adam J. Kurtz, artist and author of 1 Page at a Time

Things You Think About When You Bite Your Nails is a comforting, humorous, and unique endeavor into demystifying fear. Amalia Andrade so cleverly explores universal truths behind anxiety, while making room for the reader's own terrifying thoughts.”  
—Jordan Sondler, author of Feel It Out

“As a fellow artist, I can certainly say that I hate Amalia. I’m deeply envious of her vulnerability, and her clever ability to make me confront my own fears and traumas, all while making me laugh. Can you believe the nerve?! If you’re interested in rediscovering yourself, or just laughing hard, please read this book and hate love her along with me.”
—Timothy Goodman, author of Sharpie Art Workshop
“This book is a comprehensive toolkit wrapped up in a soft warm blanket. It gives you the courage to fight your darkest fears, and it offers you the comfort to quieten your loudest anxieties. It is a safe and supportive space that will encourage you to live a fear free life. Most of all, this book succeeds where most self-help books fail, it actually helps.”
—Lee Crutchley, author of How to Be Happy (Or at Least Less Sad)