From New York Times bestselling and Newbery Honor–winning author Shannon Hale and award-winning illustrator Tracy Subisak, comes a zany picture book, adapted for audio, that pokes fun at overly gendered notions of "boy books" and "girl books" and celebrates the pleasure of a good book.

Stanley’s thrilled for bookmobile day—until the old man at the window refuses to lend him the story he wants, all because it features a girl. “Girl books” are only for girls, the book man insists, just like cat books are only for cats and robot books are only for robots. But when a dinosaur arrives at the bookmobile and successfully demands a book about ponies, Stanley musters the courage to ask for the tale he really wants—about a girl adventurer fighting pirates on the open seas. By speaking up, Stanley inspires the people, cats, robots, and goats around him to read more stories outside their experiences and enjoy the pleasure of a good book of their choosing.
An ALA Rise: A Feminist Book Project selection!

“A gently delivered, persuasive case against the idea that books’ audiences are innately gendered or otherwise limited.”—Publishers Weekly

“Told with Hale’s delightful trademark wit and humor, [This Book Is Not for You!] gently hammers home the concept of censorship and how even well-meaning adults can unknowingly restrict a child’s right to read. . . . The mix of narrative text and speech bubbles gives the picture book an almost graphic-novel feel that readers will enjoy, and the book’s message is well worth spreading.”—Booklist