Holiday mischief abounds in this third book in the middle-grade series that feels like The Secret Life of Pets meets Toy Story.

It's the holiday season at Good Dogs doggy day-care! Lulu takes some time off from growing her Instagram fame to enjoy Jasmine's family, King and Cleo learn their family is about to grow some more, and Napoleon can't help but brag about his family's eight nights of presents.
But Hugo has the biggest challenge of all. His new puppy brother, Waffles, starts talking about how "Santadoodle," Santa's dog, puts presents for dogs into their owner's shoes on Christmas morning.

Hugo is skeptical at best: he's never heard of Santadoodle and never found presents in his humans' shoes that he didn't put there himself. But he can't bear for Waffles to be disappointed, especially on Christmas. That means the Good Dogs have a new chaos-filled mission!

This third installment of the Good Dogs series brings fun holiday cheer and lessons about expectations, adapting to change, and appreciating what you have.