In this timeless story of friendship and perseverance, two snails journey to the ark.

When Esther woke she knew something curious was happening—a storm was in the air. Not just any storm but the biggest storm the world had ever seen. In lyrical and rhythmic verse, with a common refrain of hurry hurry, Esther makes her way to the ark, encountering other animals along the way. Joys, troubles, and journeys are best shared, and so Esther finds her friend Solomon and together—with the help of a small miracle—they find a way to safety.

This heartwarming audiobook celebrates the importance of community and helping others, featuring two brave snails who embark on the journey of a lifetime.
Praise for Snail's Ark:

“As the sky darkens and the air swirls, the previous collaborators (Dictionary for a Better World) conjure a snail’s-eye view of the desperate in-gathering, written in Latham’s rhythmic prose and rendered with visual urgency via Amini’s digitally enhanced acrylic-gouache collages. . . A sweet biblical retelling with deep resonance, the creators capture the many emotions of seeing a big event through small eyes.” —Publishers Weekly

“A sweet retelling of the story of Noah’s ark, from the snail’s perspective. . . Dramatic illustrations of the billowing skies and storm and then serene waters about to recede will seed some exciting story hour discussions. . . This tale has a lot to offer for little-snail-that-could devotees . . . [and] works for children of any faith.” —School Library Journal

“A pair of snails is at the heart of this Noah’s Ark story of perseverance and friendship. . . Amini’s hand-drawn and digitally layered acrylic-gouache collages convey the rushed forward-movement of the creatures and the progressively darkening skies. The interior of the ark and the animals’ faces are full of warmth and golden tones contrasting with the cool and tumultuous storm that rages outside. With loyalty, perseverance, and friendly animals, the story of Esther and Solomon is a refreshing new angle on a familiar tale.” —The Horn Book

“Noah’s Ark as told by one of the smallest passengers: Esther the snail . . [is a] breathless tale. The colors seem almost to glow in Amini’s artwork.” —Kirkus Reviews