A vibrant, illustrated guide to blazing a unique and fulfilling creative path, from the Stanford d.school.

Humans have always been creative hustlers—problem solvers who seek to live beyond the limits suggested by society. Yet we live in a world where the place you were born, the amount of money you have, and the level of melanin in your skin indicate the precise path you are expected to follow. Too many of us silence our creativity and let our hustle calcify as we settle for the roles assigned to us.
Now Olatunde Sobomehin and sam seidel, co-teachers of the Creative Hustle course at Stanford University, help you identify and navigate your own creative path that leads from your gifts—your unique combination of skills—to your goals, where you make a living doing things that matter.
You'll learn about other creative hustlers, like Bryant Terry, who merged his passions for social justice and African American cuisine to become an award-winning eco-chef and cookbook author; Sian Heder, who used her desire to deeply understand herself and others to make award-winning films that add to the cultural conversation; and author/TV host Ayesha Curry, who aligns her professional and personal decisions with her core values.
Taking inspiration and lessons from these creative problem-solvers and using activities from the Creative Hustle course, you will begin to see and shape your own path—and follow it to the fulfillment of your goals.

*Includes a downloadable PDF of the Gifts-to-Goals activities from throughout the book
“In Creative Hustle, Olatunde Sobomehin and sam seidel offer a deeply satisfying and inspirational manual for converting your passion and potential and dreams into sustainable, successful work. It’s rich with eye-opening and jaw-dropping narratives of those who’ve accomplished so much, and chock full of instructions that feel completely relevant and doable. This delicious book is a must-read for anyone who is hungry to dig into what’s next.”—Julie Lythcott-Haims, New York Times bestselling author of How to Raise an Adult and Real American