How do you worship God even if life isn’t going the way you had hoped?
Even If is not some bumper sticker to display, but a daring commitment to live.”—Kyle Idleman, senior pastor of Southeast Christian Church

“I believe we will see more resilient people in the face of suffering because of this great book.”—Bryan Loritts, teaching pastor at The Summit Church

What happens when the test comes back positive? The relationship ends? The dream goes unfulfilled? The plans don’t move forward? Amid confusion, hurt, and anger, we wonder where we went wrong. What is God doing?
In Even If, Mitchel Lee reminds us that while God does not promise a pain-free life, he offers something better: his presence in the pain. No matter our circumstances, God is worthy of our worship, and he can meet us even in our greatest difficulties.  
Drawing on his own journey, Mitchel explores the compelling story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3. These three men chose to worship God even if God didn’t rescue them from the fire. From their example and countless others, we can do the same.  
Maybe you are stuck in regret, grieving a loss, or unsure of how to take your next step because there is no promise of success. Even If offers the courage you need to move forward, declaring devotion—not in spite of life’s fires but because of them—to a God whose goodness never changes.

*Includes a downloadable PDF of Prayers by the Author
“In the whirlwind of everyday life, where setbacks, unforeseen changes, and even heart-stricken grief are encountered often unexpectedly, we can easily be thrown off in our understanding of who God is and who we are. This book reminds us that the constancy of God’s love for us and his strength are worthy anchors through the chaos.”—Jenny Yang, vice president for advocacy and policy at World Relief

“Prophetic, pastoral, and personal in nature, Even If is a word for anyone in the valley, fire, or desert of spiritual life. Lee uniquely invites the reader to look for God in difficulty and, perhaps more importantly, determine to worship God, even when we can’t find him. Ultimately, this is a book about real faith, deep faith, and anchored faith—a faith beyond private devotion and personal experience, inherited from ancient followers of God, ancient sufferers throughout Scripture, and those mighty saints who have gone before us.”—Aubrey Sampson, church planter and author of The Louder Song and Known

Even If combines the insights of a seasoned biblical scholar with the empathy and honesty of a loving pastor. It’s refreshingly honest, unexpectedly humorous, and enormously helpful. I have no doubt that it will help thousands of people navigate the pain and disappointment of life.”—Pete Greig, founder of 24-7 Prayer International and author of God on Mute

“Whether we are walking through flames or living in the valley of the shadow of death, Mitchel Lee gives us hope and strengthens our resolve to stretch our faith in God, regardless of the circumstances. Even If is a book that will inspire your trust in God, who always comes through one way or another.”—Dr. David Anderson, author of the award-winning book Gracism

“I so relate to this book. Only those who have not lived enough years might miss the desperate need we have for the truth contained in these pages. If you find yourself as a valley dweller right now, or know someone who is, let Mitchell Lee be your personal guide to courage and freedom.”—Randy Frazee, pastor and author of His Mighty Strength

“A well-written book full of pastoral wisdom and personal insights. The plot centers on the biblical confrontation between Daniel’s three friends and Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon. The author continues to circle back to this confrontation, making helpful application to difficult situations we face and what it means to live out an even if faith.”—Dave McDowell, pastor and author of The Goodness of Affliction

“Mitchel Lee is refreshingly real, deeply thoughtful, and biblically grounded. Whatever may come and wherever we may find ourselves, he points us with a pastor’s heart toward life-giving hope and the powerful presence of God.”—Dr. Steve A. Brown, president of Arrow Leadership and author of Jesus Centered