A bold manifesto arguing that the most complex challenges we face today—as individuals, businesses, and a society—require us to ask deeper questions, not seek easier answers.

The rational mind prefers answers over questions. But we live in irrational times.

When our problems are too complex to solve through familiar answers, we need questions more than ever. Yet in a world where "knowing" is valued above learning and "doing" leaves little time for thinking, ideology drowns out discourse. Curiosity—the engine of inquiry—is now on the brink of extinction. 

So much of modern life is built upon a set of narratives that have gone unquestioned for too long, says entrepreneur and thought leader Seth Goldenberg. And it is only by relentlessly challenging these commonly held beliefs that we can begin to rewrite the narratives that no longer serve us, remake our organizations, or reimagine the institutions that form the bedrock of our society.
In this unique blend of modern-day philosophy, cultural criticism, and business strategy, Goldenberg offers thirty-eight principles central to the practice of radical curiosity. By relearning how we learn, reengaging in  dialogue, reviving our youthful sense of wonder, rethinking what we value, and more, he argues, we can reignite the curiosity needed to imagine and build a better world.