It's market day for Samira and her grandma! The bazaar is crowded, but this sweet pair knows how to stick together in this silly picture book set in Iran, adapted for audio.

Mama Shamsi is off to the market, and today, Samira gets to go with her! Samira loves spending time with her grandmother, and she especially loves her chador, which Mama Shamsi wraps around herself every time they leave the house. As the pair get closer and closer to the market, Samira is worried about getting lost in the crowded streets of Tehran, until she has an idea: She can hide under her grandmother's chador. But when Mama Shamsi says no—if Samira hides under there, the pair of them will look like a strange animal! In imaginary spreads, Samira and Mama Shamsi turn into a donkey, a giraffe, a kangaroo, a turtle—hiding isn't working at all. But maybe there's some other way for Samira to stay safe with her grandma in the crowded market.
★ "Mother-daughter writing team Mojdeh Hassani and Samira Iravani explain in their authors’ note that they based this cozy, whimsical outing on Hassani’s childhood in Tehran in the 1960s and ’70 . . . they evoke the familiar warmth of a child’s relationship with a beloved grandparent." —BCCB, starred review

"The mother-daughter team of authors based the story on their own experiences with a grandmother’s chador as a safe place to shelter. Hassani also pulled from her memories of the bazaar she visited during her childhood in Tehran . . . An affectionate portrayal of a grandmother and grandchild that also showcases a cultural garment." —School Library Journal

"The rhythmic, playful text beautifully captures the dual patter of an excited child and a bustling city . . . richly hued, often comedically exaggerated illustrations . . . A sweet and gentle story about an oft-misunderstood garment." —Kirkus