You’ve got questions: about space, time, gravity, and your odds of meeting your older self inside a wormhole. All the answers you need are right here.

As a species, we may not agree on much, but one thing brings us all together: a need to know. We all wonder, and deep down we all have the same big questions. Why can’t I travel back in time? Where did the universe come from? What’s inside a black hole? Can I rearrange the particles in my cat and turn it into a dog?

Physics professor Daniel Whiteson and scientist-turned-cartoonist Jorge Cham are experts at explaining science in ways we can all understand, in their books and on their popular podcast, Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe. With their signature blend of humor and oh-now-I-get-it clarity, Jorge and Daniel offer short, accessible, and lighthearted answers to some of the most common, most outrageous, and most profound questions about the universe they’ve received.

This witty, entertaining, and fully illustrated book is an essential troubleshooting guide for the perplexing aspects of reality, big and small, from the invisible particles that make up your body to the identical version of you currently reading this exact sentence in the corner of some other galaxy. If the universe came with an FAQ, this would be it.
Praise for We Have No Idea:

"Accessible and entertaining. . . . Cham and Whiteson distil the essence of the little we know--and the lots we have no idea about. . . . a very enjoyable read." —Nature

"Cham and Whiteson perfectly balance hilarity and serious science." —Chemistry World

"Lucid and irreverent... This fun guide is just the ticket for science fans of any age." —Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review

"Science knows a lot about the universe, but the real excitement is in what we don't know. . . . Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson will guide you through the biggest mysteries of the cosmos, smiling all the way." —Sean Carroll, author of Something Deeply Hidden