Wordbuilders: the convenient and entertaining way to build a more powerful vocabulary. Each sixty-minute audiobook volume within this series features forty words used in everyday conversation, or in the media and books, but which many people skip, finding these words difficult or even impossible to define or pronounce accurately. Using highly effective mnemonic devices, captivating dramatized vignettes, and a variety of exercises to aid retention, each Wordbuilders program teaches you how to pronounce, define, and use a new selection of common but hard-to-use words. The Wordbuilders programs are great for business people, students, public speakers, and word-lovers everywhere. They'll help you build the confidence that comes with real word power, whether in business, in school, or in daily conversation. Each volume stands on its own, but you'll want to collect the other volumes as well. Join the Wordbuilders tradition of enjoyable learning!
This audiobook includes Volumes 1 through 4 of the Worldbuilders series