A silly adventure from the National Book Award-winning author of The Penderwicks--perfect for children newly reading on their own!

Teaflet and her brother, Roog, are ready to throw their annual strawberry jam party for their friends in Trefldom. They want it to be the best party ever, even ten times better than the best party ever! But the inspector of neatness is coming to examine their higgledy-piggledy house from top to bottom. If she finds even one pinch of dirt, or one messy bed, the party will be canceled.

Teaflet promises to clean while Roog bakes for the party. But will she be distracted by animals needing her help, like the toad whose tongue drags on the ground? Or will she finish in time and save the party?
“A slice of whimsy with a scoop of jam-errific fun on top…Quaint in scope, tremendous in flair.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"There are charming little accent illustrations scattered throughout the text, and textures sometimes spill out of photos and onto the page. Readers will be delighted to make the trip to Trelfdom through this immersive, merry tale.” —Booklist