From the founders of nonprofits & WaterEquity Gary White and Matt Damon, the incredible true story of two unlikely allies on a mission to end the global water crisis for good

When Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon visited rural Zambia in 2006, the last thing he expected was to become a life-long champion for the battle to end the global water and sanitation crisis. He quickly realized that to make a real impact, he’d need additional expertise.
Enter civil and environmental engineer Gary White. After quitting his consulting job to launch a nonprofit in 1990, he’d become an internationally recognized water and sanitation expert. A chance encounter would set these two unlikely allies on a decades-long mission to bring safe water and sanitation to the world.
Through first-hand accounts of setbacks and triumphs in projects spanning across the world, The Worth of Water illuminates the challenges of building and scaling market-based financial solutions to the global water crisis—and ultimately, empower communities and individuals to make long-lasting investments in their own wellbeing.