Step into the transformative life God invites you to enjoy, using the wisdom of the Enneagram paired with fresh tools and insights.

“If you long to be free from the coping mechanisms that keep you stuck, this is the book for you!”—Amy Wicks, Enneagram life coach for female entrepreneurs

For more than thirty years, Marilyn Vancil has studied, written about, and taught the Enneagram. She knows full well how using this system of nine personality types in combination with deep scriptural truths can lead people to a life of freedom. Now Vancil offers a way to deeper wholeness beyond the classic Enneagram.

Vancil proposes an enhancement, called The Drawing, which includes the Enneagram’s wisdom “but also focuses inwardly toward the center space and extends beyond the existing circle. . . . As with other spirals and circles to illustrate the spiritual life, the primary movement of The Drawing is toward the middle space, our Spiritual Center, the transcendent way of knowing beyond the more commonly recognized Centers of the Gut, Heart, and Head used to categorize the Enneagram types.” The Drawing depicts the holy attraction of our spirits toward God’s spirit as our ultimate destiny.

Vancil presents these sacred shifts to lead us from debilitating self-orientation to God-centered living:
• from What I Am to Who I Am
• from Reactive to Responsive
• from Bondage to Freedom
• from Wounded to Whole
• from Shakable to Unshakable
• from Burdened to Rested

The wisdom and practical steps that Marilyn Vancil provides will lead you to places of profound spiritual discovery and help you chart a course toward the wiser, more spiritually attuned person you long to become.

This audiobook includes a bonus PDF that contains enneagram illustrations and the “Dead and Free from/Alive and Free to” table from the book.
“Marilyn Vancil has done such a masterful job of setting the table for spiritual transformation. Each page is a full course in and of itself! All that is needed is for readers to open their hearts and take the simple steps of faith within this powerful book.”—Daniel Fusco, pastor, TV and radio host, and author of Crazy Happy

“Finally! An Enneagram book that’s not really about the Enneagram but rather about the transformation (or restoration) process that is available to everyone. If you long to be free from the coping mechanisms that keep you stuck, this is the book for you!”—Amy Wicks, Enneagram life coach for female entrepreneurs

“Marilyn Vancil cares deeply about returning us to our most authentic self. Through scripture and story, Beyond the Enneagram guides us into the centrality and importance of our triune God. Read this book, accept her gracious invitations, and be transformed.”—Gem Fadling, co-founder of Unhurried Living and author of Hold That Thought

“For those who love the Enneagram and want more, this book gives a textured, rich understanding of how we can move beyond labels to find who God created us to be.”—Alexandra Kuykendall, co-founder of the Open Door Sisterhood and author of Seeking Out Goodness

“Marilyn Vancil writes with the wisdom and encouragement of a spiritual mother. This book picks up where the Enneagram leaves off, offering a more holistic framework with real-life examples that gets to the heart of our deepest desire: to experience a glorious closeness with God and to live fully as the people we were created to be.”—Emily Lex, author of Freely and Lightly