In this standalone sequel to Willis Wilbur Wows the World, Willis wants to be the best life coach his school has ever seen. And he knows exactly how to make that happen: by creating the first-ever life-coaching app.

Nine-year-old Willis Wilbur is beyond excited to go back to school. Now that he has discovered his destiny as a life coach, he's looking forward to signing on more clients (preferably human ones, not just guinea pigs). 
So when Willis and his classmates are tasked with creating a passion project an opportunity to present an idea they love and share it with the whole school Willis knows exactly what he's going to do. He enlists his very smart friend, Margo, and his number one best friend, Shelley, who is finally back from a family vacation in Hawaii. Together, they are going to make the Willis Wilbur App, also known as the first-EVER life-coaching app. Willis is confident he's going to become a millionaire. Soon, he can probably buy, like, a bunch of tacos. 
Except Willis has one teensy problem. He doesn't know anything about technology. Or worse yet, coding. And then he discovers something even more horrific: Shelley wants to do her own passion project on horse therapy with her new, extremely weird, absolutely awful friend, Colt. In a tough spot with his life-coaching dreams and his best friend, Willis must learn hard but rewarding lessons about jealousy, realistic goal setting, and putting your pride aside to ask for help.
"This stand-alone story perfectly captures tween self-absorption . . . this is a quick read with great tips for readers about friendship, the pitfalls of jealousy, and developing insight and confidence. Amusing black-and-white spot art enhances the narrative . . . Humorously over-the-top fare that will make a positive impact and inspire readers." —Kirkus Reviews