A provocative, science-based approach to parenting centered on a child’s unique genetic “code,” from an award-winning developmental psychology professor and researcher.

With few exceptions, parenting books, websites, and podcasts emphasize the critical role of the parent in shaping a child’s destiny. But the obsession with parenting ignores a fundamental biological fact: that genetics affect every aspect of human behavior, and every child is uniquely “coded” with predispositions that affect everything from fearfulness, to impulsivity, to happiness.
In The Child Code, award-winning professor Dr. Danielle Dick draws from her research in developmental behavior genetics to debunk the myth that parenting techniques alone can determine a child’s behavior and future. Dr. Dick introduces readers to the 3 E’s that underlie each child’s unique predisposition—extraversion (Ex), emotionality (Em), and effortful control (Ef)—and shows that, in fact, the key to raising successful adults isn’t to try harder to mold them, but to adapt your parenting strategies to the way they are wired. This powerful and fresh approach not only diminishes friction and stress in families, but sets children up for true, authentic success in life.
Each chapter unpacks the science behind this unique approach, and provides practical, individualized strategies for parents to support their child’s strengths and to help them navigate their challenges.
Reassuring, with real takeaways, The Child Code offers parents an inspiring message: Their biggest job is to help their children become who they were literally born to be.

* This audiobook includes a downloadable PDF of surveys, resources and recommended reading from the book.
“A fascinating read with practical solutions. In The Child Code, Dr. Danielle Dick brings her deep experience as both a parent and a scientist to reveal the powerful influence of genetics on a child’s behavior and how this knowledge can help shape successful parenting strategies.”
Judson Brewer, M.D., Ph.D., New York Times bestselling author of Unwinding Anxiety

“What to do when nothing works—for your particular kid! I love this book for its mix-and-match approach to applying practical advice in so many familiar situations, which truly helps you take your child’s needs into account. When you’re struggling, this book will help.”
KJ Dell’Antonia, author of The Chicken Sisters and How to Be a Happier Parent

“Genetics do play a crucial role in shaping our children’s destinies, but parents are missing the toolkit that shows how to follow their children’s ‘code’ and maximize their potential. Fortunately, Dr. Dick provides that sorely missing piece. Every idea in this book is evidence-based and simple. . . . All we need to do is tune in to our kids’ unique codes and use these strategies. The Child Code is a welcome and fresh addition to parenting that will help set kids up for authentic success.”
Michele Borba, Ed.D., educational psychologist and author of Thrivers and UnSelfie

“This stunningly useful, unique book unlocks the secrets of genetics in a way any parent can understand and use right away. Convivial but authoritative, The Child Code gives you the practical knowledge you’ve always wanted as a parent but didn’t know who to ask or where to look. Bravo and a million thanks, Dr. Dick!”
—Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Driven to Distraction and ADHD 2.0