Five harrowing, all-new novellas overflowing with horror, imagination, and moving portrayals of humanity—from the mind of the New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box.

Josh Malerman is a master weaver of stories—and in this spine-chilling collection he spins five twisted tales from the shadows of the human soul: 

A sister tells her little brother that "Half the House Is Haunted" with a presence that only she can see, but is it her own mind that is haunted?

In "Argyle," a dying man confesses to homicides he never committed, and reveals long-kept secrets far more sinister than murder.

A tourist takes the ultimate trip to outer space in "Jupiter Drop," but the real journey is into his own dark past. 

In "Doug and Judy Buy the Washer," a trendy married couple buys the latest home gadget only to find themselves trapped by the out-of-control machine... and each other.

And in "Egorov," a set of Russian triplets is devastated when one of the brothers is murdered; but will vengeance heal their pain?