A zookeeper always on the fringe learns to go after her wildest dreams—including a certain television star—in this charming and laugh-out-loud romantic comedy by Kerry Rea, author of The Wedding Ringer.

Lucy Rourke has two great loves in her life: the gorilla troop she cares for as a primatologist and the laundry list of reality TV shows she watches to escape the fact that her actual love life doesn’t exist. And like a reality contestant gunning for the final rose, Lucy’s laser-focused on one thing: getting promoted to head keeper. So when a wildlife docuseries hosted by hotshot TV personality Kai Bridges chooses her zoo as its summer filming location, she sees an opportunity to showcase her beloved gorillas to the world and land a starring role in her department. 
When Kai and his film crew arrive, however, it's obvious to Lucy that Kai cares more about sky-high ratings than the gorillas, and he considers her a camera-averse know-it-all whose wardrobe consists entirely of khaki. But she’s surprised to discover there’s more to him than his rugged good looks and cheesy catchphrases...and that maybe a promotion isn’t the only thing she wants. But when secrets from their pasts threaten to complicate everything, Lucy discovers that happiness and success aren’t the same thing—and that finding joy just might mean getting a little wild.
"The voice-y, hilarious, and unique rom-com I've been waiting for. Reality TV fans and animal lovers will go wild for its off-the charts tension and whip-sharp banter. Last, it beautifully captured the struggle of overcoming the past, broadening one's horizons, and pursuing joy to the fullest. Perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Kerry Winfrey."—Amy Lea, author of Set on You

"No monkeying around: I'm wild for Kerry Rea's latest. Lucy on the Wild Side is a hilarious journey of self-discovery featuring a steamy romance, a unique zoo setting, and, of course, lots of gorillas. I would tune into the Lucy and Kai show any day of the week."—Amanda Elliot, author of Sadie on a Plate

"Lucy on the Wild Side is a perfect meld of humor, heart, and romance. It's a beautiful story about busting out of your comfort zone to find the joy that you deserve. Kerry Rea will make you laugh, cry, and swoon, and you'll love every minute of it."—Sarah Echavarre Smith, author of On Location and The Boy with the Bookstore

"Rea elevates the enemies-to-lovers trope with crackling chemistry, light humor, and genuine emotional nuance. Rom-com lovers should snap this up."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Readers looking for a fast-moving, spicy novel with a dash of wildlife education should enjoy this one.”—Columbus Dispatch

"Lucy on the Wild Side is hilarious, heartwarming, and absolutely delightful. I was as invested in Lucy and Kai's relationship as I was in the gorilla drama, all because of Kerry Rea's whip-smart prose and masterful storytelling. It's impossible not to fall in love with Lucy, the hot mess zookeeper, as she journeys to overcome the wounds of her past."—Kristin Rockaway, author of Smart Girl Summer
"Lucy on The Wild Side had me genuinely laughing out loud at Lucy's hilarious thoughts and her banter with Kai. With its perfect blend of humor and poignant moments, this is a rom-com that will capture your heart. Kerry Rea is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!"—Kerry Winfrey, author of Just Another Love Song

“Rea’s second novel, following The Wedding Ringer (2021), is a compelling romantic comedy with a refreshingly unique storyline..Rea's heartfelt, well-paced novel with realistic and well-developed characters is elevated by the parallel storyline of the gorilla troupe.”—Booklist

"Lucy on the Wild Side sparkles with life-like champagne. It’s bubbly, whirling, and shooting stars!"—Romance Junkies

Lucy on the Wild Side, sweet and sexy, showcases a woman afraid to ask for more from life. Full of hilariously disgusting animal facts, Lucy's delightful clumsiness and a full cast of amusing zookeepers, Lucy on the Wild Side is sure to appeal to romance fans and animal lovers alike.”—Shelf Awareness

"These characters have great chemistry, some lol moments, and a story you will want to follow along with. Fans of rom-coms will not be disappointed.”—Red Carpet Crash