Alice thinks it's her lucky day when she wins a wagon full of lollipops, but sharing them with her classmates is more complicated than it seems. Can she find a fair way to divvy up the sweets?

When Alice wins an enormous basket of lollipops in the raffle she's happy to share her good fortune with friends and classmates, but everyone seems to have a different opinion about how she should divide the bounty. Suddenly, Alice's big prize becomes a big conundrum. Should she give extras to her friends? Should she withhold lollipops from the kids who always hog the tire swing? As she weighs her options, the panic grows. What if there aren't enough to go around!?

This hilarious and thought-provoking story uses lollipops in the school yard to illustrate how cooperation and generosity can make even the most daunting problems solvable.
"Maynor's writing is flavored with wit and wrapped in moral subtleties. Even for the anti-confectionary crowd, a believable, relatable story that avoids a saccharine conclusion."—Kirkus, starred review

Though Maynor plays it all for laughs, the story should spark conversations about scarcity mindset."—Publishers Weekly

"In this funny glimpse of political losses and gains, Alice finds out what it’s like to hold all the cards—especially when the cards are lollipops. This cheerful picture book is an entertaining read and has only one agenda—fun."—School Library Journal

"Maynor’s humorous morality tale is accompanied by Player’s vibrant, rainbow-hued bubblegum-pop illustrations, with readers following Alice’s dilemma as she tries to remain fair but thoughtful and kind, as well. A unique story about decision-making and sharing that showcases the sweet and salty consequences of winning big."—Booklist