A twisty, terrifying ghost story about twelve-year-old Lily, her creepy new home in Florida, and the territorial ghost of the young girl who lived there before her.

Lily's new house is a real nightmare. . . .

Lily Horne is a drama queen. It's helped her rise to stardom in the school play, but it's also landed her in trouble. Her parents warn her that Florida has to be different. It's a fresh start. No theatrics. But this time, the drama is coming for her.

The Hornes' new house is awful. The pool is full of slime, the dock is rotten, and the swamp creeps closer every day. But worst of all, the house isn't empty . . . it's packed full of trash, memories, and, Lily begins to fear, the ghost of the girl who lived there before her.

And whatever is waiting in the shadows wants to come out to play.
Praise for MINE:

“You’ll think you’re in a Florida swamp with something coming for you and no way out. Gross, sweet, exciting, and absolutely hide-under-the-covers terrifying, I loved it.”--Katherine Arden, bestselling author of Small Spaces

"A fiendishly creepy ghost story, wreathed in the summertime swamps and humid tangle of Florida."--Chuck Wendig, bestselling author of Dust & Grim  

"Spooky and twisty, with a killer setting and a determined heroine who won't take ghostly threats lying down."--Cherie Priest, author of I am Princess X