A humorous audiobook about what every older sibling needs to know, filled with information about the new baby at your house, from mom of three and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of She Persisted Chelsea Clinton.

Is there a new baby coming to your home? One that will sleep and cry and demand attention and . . . poop? Well, welcome to the Big Kids Club!

This audiobook will teach you what every big kid needs to know about their baby: what your baby can see, why your baby cries, when your baby will be able to talk, how your baby knows you love them, and so much more (including why your baby poops so much!).

This audiobook is perfect for any member or soon-to-be member of the Big Kids Club.
"...mindful of all abilities...A club that everyone will want to join." Kirkus

"...many of the informative answers are also subtly inclusive...the creators treat their audiences as curious students of the new arrival, ready to establish a new relationship of their own." Publisher's Weekly