In a world where everyone is extraordinary, it takes a totally normal kid to save the day. This new series breaks the mold with sound design and a musical score providing a cinematic, blockbuster feel.

Every 12-year-old kid feels like they don't fit in sometimes -- but Noah takes it to a whole new level. When a meteor crashed to Earth on his seventh birthday, the whole planet got superpowers.....except for Noah.
Thanks to his tin foil superhero costume, Noah's powers got deflected -- onto his little sister.  He's literally the only normal person in all of Superworld. He can't fly. He can't scale tall buildings. He can't turn broccoli into candy. (And of course his little sister got double powers. Of course.) And still...when the biggest, baddest villian in town plots to take over Superworld forever, normal Noah and his supercharged best friends are the ones who just might save the day. Seriously
"Dazzling illustrations and an edge-of-your-seat adventure had me cheering for underdog Noah from first page to last!" —Trudi Trueit, author of the Explorer Academy series

"Noah’s hyperpaced odyssey is a grab bag of obstacles fueled by nonstop puns and imaginative art that’ll keep readers swiftly turning the pages."—Kirkus Reviews

"The authors bring a background in animated films (Despicable Me) to this luxuriantly illustrated romp, surrounding and embedding nearly every page of Noah’s narrative in explosively busy scenes and panels featuring hordes of expertly modeled 3D figures."—Booklist