You never know who's watching. . . . A successful therapist's world is upended when her patients are targeted in a campaign of twisted psychological harassment in this propulsive novel from the author of Convince Me.

What is the cost of carrying not only your own pain, but others' too?

Dr. Laina Landers is good at her job. She's an accomplished marriage and family therapist, dedicated and compassionate. When she is summoned by the police after one of her patients holds his wife hostage at gunpoint, she is able to intervene and dissuade him. Laina becomes a media sensation. But as her star rises, a target is placed on her back.

How much can a person bear before breaking?

Not everyone is impressed by Laina's achievements. In fact, someone has it in for her, and is targeting what matters most to her: her patients. One by one, Laina's patients spiral after they receive unsettling gifts that mock their deepest fears and hidden traumas. Laina herself is the target of a home invasion, and when the perpetrators flee, they leave behind the same message that was left for her patients: Watching you

Enlisting Cal Murray, the ambitious and charismatic investigative journalist with whom she has an explosive attraction, Laina must examine her patient’s lives and her own in order to identify the culprit. All she knows for sure? It’s someone with access to her patient records. Someone who wants to destroy her stellar reputation, her newfound success, and even, perhaps, her life.