A sweet picture book, adapted for audio, about a girl who finds a special dress at a thrift store and imagines who may have owned the dress before her.

When Rosie finds the most beautiful yellow dress at her local thrift store, the first thing she notices when she brings it home is a name written on the tag: Mila. Rosie wonders if Mila liked any of the same things she did, and what amazing things Mila might have done in the dress.
The dress makes Rosie feel like her best self--like she can do anything. But soon it’s time to donate the dress so someone else can make their own memories with it. Letting it go is hard, but Rosie smiles when she wonders what the dress’s next owner will do while wearing it….
The joy and wonder of recycled clothing is brought to life by Leanne Hatch's charming and whimsical prose.
Praise for Rosie and the Pre-Loved Dress:

“[An] engaging read-aloud. . . Cheerful digital artwork reflects the tone of the writing. With a realistic portrayal of an imaginative character, this picture book shows both her strong emotional attachment to a special item of clothing and her healthy attitude toward letting it go when the time has come.” –Booklist