A charming and inclusive YA anthology all about games—from athletic sports to board games to virtual reality—from editor Laura Silverman and an all-star cast of contributors.

From the slightly fantastical to the utterly real, light and sweet romance to tales tinged with horror and thrills, Game On is an anthology that spans genre and style. But beneath each story is a loving ode to competition and games perfect for anyone who has ever played a sport or a board game, picked up a video game controller, or rolled a twenty-sided die.

A manhunt game is interrupted by a town disappearing beneath the players' eyes. A puzzle-filled scavenger hunt emboldens one college freshman to be brave with the boy she's crushing on. A series of summer nights full of card games leads a boy to fall for a boy who he knows is taken. And a spin the bottle game could end a life-long friendship.

Fifteen stories, and fifteen unforgettable experiences that may inspire readers to start up that Settlers of Catan game again.

Audiobook Table of Contents:
Let It Spin, by Sona Charaipotra — narrated by Ulka Simone Mohanty
Hell Week, by Amanda Joy — narrated by Tyla Collier
The Liberty Homes, by Katie Cotugno — narrated by Emily Eiden
Mystery Hunt, by Gloria Chao — narrated by Annie Q
She Could Be a Farmer, by Nina Moreno — narrated by Frankie Corzo
One of the Good Ones, by Isaac Fitzsimons — narrated by Ryan Vincent Anderson
Just Tell Them You Play Soccer, by Anna Meriano — narrated by Frankie Corzo
The Girl with the Teeth, by Kayla Whaley — narrated by Carla Corvo
Spite and Malice, by Shaun David Hutchinson — narrated by Michael Crouch
Game of the Gods, by Francesca Zappia — narrated by Annie Q
Do You See It Now?, by Laura Silverman — narrated by Emily Eiden
Plum Girls, by Kathleen Glasgow — narrated by Carla Corvo 
World of Wonder, by Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal — narrated by Tyla Collier
Weeping Angels, by Yamile Saied Méndez — narrated by Frankie Corzo
Night Falls, by Kika Hatzopoulou — narrated by Ulka Simone Mohanty
"Games of many sorts lead to triumph, tragedy, angst, joy, hookups, and breakups for teens in tales set both on and off the playing field...Readers will find this collection fresh, thought-provoking, and wise in the ways of adolescent coming-of-age...likely to broaden anyone’s notion of what winning is all about."--Kirkus Reviews

"Game On is a love letter to games and competition. Whether you’re a fan of sports, board or video games, chances are there is at least one story in Game On will bring out your inner champion. With inclusive narratives and diverse characters, this anthology is a fun addition to any bookshelf!"--The Nerd Daily

"These stories have heart—a competitive heart—and collectively remind readers that, just like in life, how you play the game matters."--Booklist Online