An indispensable practical toolkit for dismantling racism in the workplace without fear

Reporting and personal testimonials have exposed racism in every institution in this country. But knowing that racism exists isn’t nearly enough. Social media posts about #BlackLivesMatter are nice, but how do you push leadership towards real anti-racist action?

Diversity and inclusion strategist Y-Vonne Hutchinson helps tech giants, political leaders, and Fortune 500 companies speak more productively about racism and bias and turn talk into action. In this clear and accessible guide, Hutchinson equips employees with a framework to think about race at work, prepares them to have frank and effective conversations with more powerful leaders, helps them center marginalized perspectives, and explains how to leverage power dynamics to get results while navigating backlash and gaslighting.
How to Talk To Your Boss About Race is a crucial handbook to moving beyond fear to push for change. No matter how much formal power you have, you can create antiracist change at work.
"This book will let everyone, from top to bottom, understand how power works, what kinds of power they have, and, most importantly, how each and every one of us should use our power to dismantle racism, too."-- Ellen Pao, cofounder of Project Include and author of Reset
"This book gives us the vocabulary and concepts we need to identify and understand different types of power, and thus to use it effectively for antiracist change.” -- Tracy Chou, founder and CEO of Block Party, cofounder of Project Include
"While doing equity work there are so many people who are well-intentioned but don’t have a theory or vision for how to do this work. Y-Vonne does. We need leaders like her spreading the good word."--Karla Monterroso, Founder and Managing Partner of Brava Leaders, former CEO of Code2040
"This book will empower everyone, no matter their formal role, to address racism head on with courage and rigor. It is urgent and vital to every organization looking to become more equitable, just, and anti-racist."-- Michelle Kim, CEO of Awaken 
"Y-Vonne Hutchinson’s work is essential for anyone who wants to start or advance a conversation about racial equity at work. I wish I’d had this book earlier in my career!" – Alison Green, advice columnist and author of Ask a Manager
"Reading this book is like talking to a wise friend. An inspiring read for any leader or team member committed to engaging in a real conversation about racism in the workplace and how to work actively towards equity. I loved it."--Sadie Lincoln, co-founder and CEO of Barre3