A collection of suspenseful radio dramas hosted by Christopher Lee that will take listeners through thrilling perplexities set in the era of the forties and fifties. 

Suspense, originally aired 11/18/1948
“Sorry, Wrong Number” with Agnes Moorehead
An invalid woman battles the frustrations of the telephone system after she overhears a plot to murder someone.
Boston Blackie, originally aired 06/23/1944
“The Jonathan Diamond” with Chester Morris
Blackie is arrested in Chicago. He's accused of taking $10,000 from a woman's grandfather. Then he learns it's all part of the woman's plan to help her recover "The Jonathan Diamond."
The Humphrey Bogart Theatre, originally aired 09/17/1949
“Dead Man” with Humphrey Bogart
 A drama about a young runaway who commits murder, then catches a bad case of conscience.
The Whistler, originally aired 01/27/1947
“Night Melody” with Bill Forman and Joseph Kearns
A man kills his wife and stuffs her body in the elevator, from which she promptly disappears.
Richard Diamond, Private Detective, originally aired 05/15/1949
“The Ralph Chase Case” with Dick Powell
Ralph Chase hires Diamond about a problem with his stepdaughter, but gangster Murray Lang takes a shot at him first.
Murder By Experts, originally aired 06/13/1949
“Summer Heat” with John Dickson Carr
A newly graduated lawyer awakes with a dead body in his bed and has a very difficult time getting rid of it.
The Crime Club, originally aired 01/24/1947
“Mr. Smith’s Hat” with Raymond Edward Johnson
A man calls the police to say he's going to be murdered. Ten seconds later, the man's daughter calls to say she just found his body.
I Was A Communist For the FBI, originally aired 05/27/1953
“The Innocent Club” with Dana Andrews
“The Party” becomes interested in a government clerk framed for stealing secrets, and they form a committee to see that he gets justice.
Mystery Is My Hobby, originally aired 07/28/1946 [GB2] 
“Snowbound” with Glenn Langan
Mystery writer Barton Drake finds himself snowbound during a freak blizzard with a group of friendly strangers. They wake up in the morning to discover a suicide. But was it suicide?
Mystery In the Air, originally aired 08/07/1947
“The Marvelous Barastro” with Peter Lorre
The classic about the circus magician and his blind wife...and her ultimate horror.
Box Thirteen, originally aired 08/22/1948
“The First Letter” with Alan Ladd
Dan Holiday's first client is Carla Williams—who has him framed for murder!
The Whistler, originally aired 02/03/1947
“Seven Steps to Murder” with Bill Forman and Howard Duff
What are the seven steps that could progress a cordial acquaintanceship toward murder? A drama critic and a playwright find out…