In this audiobook that is both heartwarming and exciting, join Yoshi, a sea turtle, on her remarkable journey as she swims farther than any animal in recorded history--23,000 miles!--to return to the beach where she first hatched, to lay her own eggs.

Inside every loggerhead turtle is genius: the ability to find their first home, no matter how far away. Follow one, from her birth on a beach in her trip across an ocean filled with sharks and seahorses and much her rescue from a net by a fisherman, who names her her rehabilitation at an her record-breaking swim across the Indian Ocean to the beach on which she hatched, to lay her eggs.

Written by Lynne Cox, also a record-breaking swimmer, here is the true story of a sea turtle who swam the longest distance of any animal in recorded history.
★ "A mesmerizing glimpse at the miracles of the natural world." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

★ “…A succinctly told story that’s satisfying in its full-circle itinerary and its appreciation of the sea turtle’s innate 'genius'.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

★ "There’s much to discuss about the interplay of instinct, perseverance, and luck in this fine book." —The Horn Book, starred review

"A brilliant tribute to a marvel of the natural world." —Booklist