Discover a Christ-centered approach to antiracism that will empower you to be transformed as you transform your world.
“A clear biblical theology for why racial solidarity is integral to discipleship—one that is not influenced by the right or the left but by Jesus!”—Dave Ferguson, lead pastor of Community Christian Church
So you’re for Jesus and against racism. But racism is such a fraught topic—can’t we just talk about Jesus? 

Michelle T. Sanchez has discovered through her own journey that it’s impossible to separate racial discipleship from our relationship with God. When we choose to courageously resist racism, we discover opportunities to encounter Christ in fresh and exciting ways.
Color-Courageous Discipleship is our guidebook to a deeper connection with God through the adventure of racial discipleship. Grounded in the gospel, this practical and thought-provoking book
• reveals multiple ways that the racial dynamics of our society have already formed us
• explores what it means to biblically and proactively address racial inequity for the sake of God’s glory
• equips us to engage in challenging conversations about racial reconciliation with grace and truth
• offers hope, creative answers, and a path forward both individually and as beloved community
Whatever your race or background, Color-Courageous Discipleship invites you to experience more of Jesus as you pursue racial righteousness in his name.

*Includes a downloadable PDF of a Glossary and Notes from the book
“In a time where most views on race and racism are shaped by political ideology, Michelle Sanchez offers us a clear biblical theology for why racial solidarity is integral to discipleship—one that is not influenced by the right or the left but by Jesus!”—Dave Ferguson, lead pastor of Community Christian Church

“Poetic, personal, and immensely practical, this book will first awaken you to the sheer wonder of your belovedness and then empower you to engage in the gritty, glorious work of bringing our racially divided world into harmony with Christ and each other.”—Ken Shigematsu pastor of Tenth Church, Vancouver, BC, and bestselling author of God in My Everything

“Michelle Sanchez addresses the complex topic of race and the needed connection to discipleship in a way that will inspire and convict as the Holy Spirit leads.”—Rev. Dr. Kevin G. Harney, visionary leader and founder of Organic Outreach International, lead pastor of Shoreline Church in Monterey, CA

“Too many churches have settled for a bifurcated Gospel that pits evangelism against justice, the great commission against the greatest commandment, and global missions against domestic outreach. We desperately need resources like this that equip us to produce holistic disciples, who are passionate about making holistic disciples.”—Dominique DuBois Gilliard, author of Subversive Witness and Rethinking Incarceration

Color Courageous Discipleship combines biblical insights, cultural commentary, tender personal testimony, and a rich collection of interviews with seasoned leadership voices. This essential resource equipsyou with sustainable practices to grow in color courageous discipleship for the years to come.”—Jo Saxton, cohost of Lead Stories Podcast, author of Ready To Rise

“As one who speaks to many groups about issues of racial and social justice, I often hear some variation of, ‘What does all this have to do with the gospel?’ Now, rather than explain, I’m just going to hand them Color Courageous Discipleship. This book will mobilize God’s people toward racial righteousness in the service of the gospel.”—Al Tizon, affiliate associate professor of Missional and Global Leadership, North Park Theological Seminary

“Deeply practical, cogent, and beautiful—and accompanied by helpful interviews with Christian antiracist leaders and pastors—this book is a gift to Christians and churches who are seeking to do justice and love mercy and walk humbly with God.”—Tish Harrison Warren, Anglican priest, and author of Liturgy of the Ordinary and Prayer in the Night

“There are many excellent books on racism and fine books on discipleship. But I know of none which combine the two in depth as Michelle Sanchez does. This book can play a vital role in the healing of our divided churches in North America and beyond.”—Leighton Ford, founding president, Leighton Ford Ministries, Charlotte, NC